Anime: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Mankind has Declined) – Episode 12 Series Finale Summary + Review

“Cute girls do psychotic things”

(Anime High school girls can eat cookies and never get fat)

Studio: AIC A.S.T.A

Genre: Surreal, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Age: 13+

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the last episode, the Wild Rose Society has regular meetings which the Mediator eventually gets used to. Everything is perfect in their lives, or so it appears on the surface…

Warning! May contain spoilers!




After checking out some books, other members of the Wild Rose Society mention a silver-haired girl that used to be part of their club, but then estranged herself.

Y, who happens to be in many of the Mediator’s classes mentions that she left because everyone was only beautiful on the surface. Even if she is alone now, she doesn’t have to deal with their issues.

(Someday Y will make a name for herself in Yaoi fandom)

The Mediator tracks her down to a secret room in the school, which Y and herself discovered by looking through books.

(The Mediator has recorded everything, now confess to murder!)

The school’s layout had changed, creating empty passages which linked room to room, but without the resident’s knowledge.

(“It’s not just me that has a secret. Through the rabbit hole, Alice…”)

Y decides to take the Mediator on a tour of the Wild Rose Society club member’s rooms while they were away.

(“I sometimes steal money, they don’t notice”)

Things get sinister when a member is found to be keeping a diary of every slight that has been done to her, and promising a punishment in the end. Another keeps locks of people’s hair, which she admires and sometimes licks…

(The Mediator finds out the reason for her enlarging bald spot)

Two other members talk about the other girls behind their back, set in a slobby room. In person they are nothing short of sweet and prim.

(“We should really plan a laundry day. These sheets haven’t been washed in years”)

Worst of all the Mediator’s roommate, the young girl who tried so hard to befriend her. She has personified her doll as the Mediator, and takes care of her while she plays.

(“All hail my roommate. All hail my roommate…”)

Equally, she takes out her rage and anguish at her, ensuring her complete destruction.

(Jinrui proves that it is possible to destroy your own idols)

As creepy as the revelations are, Y warns the Mediator to act as natural as possible, because knowing their secret is more dangerous.

The years go by, and the Mediator and Y become closer friends while on a mission to search for a Fairy Tea party. They don’t find anything in the school, but come across a hidden room filled with old disused robots.

(“The mysterious hall of broken robots. A.k.a The Storage Room”)

The graduation of the students ensures that the Wild Rose Society must close. Everyone parts ways, much to the Mediator’s relief.

(“Please take me with you. I can sleep under your bed wherever you live.”)

Disappointed that she didn’t discover a Fairy Tea Party whilst at school, she puts the clues together when Y brings her a robot to be fixed.

(“Y keeps giving me her junk.”)

Realising that she has lost her memories of the incident, she finally realises the missing piece was a fairy that she met years ago.

(And the Mediator and Fairy lived happily ever after…)

Overall, even though Jinrui started off with the most random events and witty banter, it slowly trickled down and out as the series progressed. This episode is proof that even Jinrui can take a disappointing dive, and right at a critical moment as the series finale.

Maybe it appealed to people who wanted to see the Mediator in a school uniform, but having the school arc at the end felt weak, and a bit cheap. The dark personalities that each of the girls had, made the episode more interesting, but dual personalities in high school girls is hardly an original concept in anime.

The entire series is worthwhile. There are a few great moments and a great feel to the characters, even if there some puzzles that I couldn’t solve, and some of plots that left me wondering why I’m even watching.

It’s a shame that this series was broadcast out of chronological order, or maybe it was deliberate genius.

Rated – 4/5 Unfulfilling end to an otherwise great series.


See the previous episode!

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