Anime: Binbougami ga! – Episode 12 Summary + Review

“Sailor Misfortune Transformation: Make Up!”

(Momiji’s new bubble bath had a very heavy scent)

Studio: Sunrise

Genre: Surreal, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Age: 13+

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the last episode, Momiji has turned into a different person! Calm, poised and radiantly beautiful, she unintentionally steals all of the limelight from Sakura when she returns to school.

Sakura is convinced that this is some sort of elaborate trap…

This episode contains material not suitable for younger viewers!

Despite Momiji displaying her best intentions, she can’t win over Sakura while she is so suspicious. Ranmaru isn’t afraid of the new Momiji at all, and is instead overjoyed when Momiji points out her cute side to Keita.

(Ranmaru’s new pet is a cushion. She’ll love it and feed it and keep it forever…)

Bobby and Momou, along with Sakura, hatch a plot to get the old Momiji back.

(Momou can’t sit like Bobby or his trousers will rip)

Despite their best efforts, they are won over by her blatant kindness.

(“Blowing on wounds isn’t medically good, Miss Momiji…”)

Sakura isn’t convinced, she ruins a meal that Momoji had made. After Momiji runs off into the street in the rain, Sakura is shamed into going after her to apologise.

(Sakura admits that Momiji looks better, in a school uniform, in the rain)

The two walk back to the apartment where Teddy has reverted back to his Misfortune-self.

Apparently, if Gods of Fortune get washed, they lose all their nasty habits and personalities. Similarly, when dipped into rubbish, they revert back to their normal selves.

(“Momou! Your scarf is alive?! I don’t make dinner for it!”)

Momou helps out by capturing Momiji, while Teddy provides a rubbish tip all in the comfort of Sakura’s home.

Momiji decides to negotiate peacefully, on the condition that she says goodbye to her friend Sakura. After a heartfelt speech, she goes to her fate into the rubbish. The episode ends on a cliffhanger

(“Make sure to wash yourself. I don’t know where Teddy’s been..”)

Overall, it hasn’t got the most original plot, but something about Binbougami ga is just likable.  The satire of Death Note was pretty funny and accurate.

This episode shows the commercial side of Momiji, and she’s a “perfect girl”. Momiji’s new sweet personality isn’t what made me like the series, so I was cheering for Teddy to succeed. The episode ends with a cliffhanger, but it’s the last episode next time, and I think we can all fill in blanks.

Rated – 3/5 Silly, sweet, but a bit simple.

See the next episode!

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