TV: Sinbad – Episode 10 Summary + Review

“Snakes on a ship”

(“The tigers weren’t very creative with names, and nevermind how I learned English”)

Airing on: Sky

Genre: Adventure, Family, Action, Fantasy, Drama, Age: All ages

Released: 8th July 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Tiger join’s Sinbad’s crew as they sail to an supposedly uninhabited island. Tiger reveals her past about being abandoned by her family, and left to be killed by wild animals. A group of tigers find her, and she was raised by them. Sinbad finds her story difficult to believe.

A professor has paid for passage for her and her research, which is in the shape of a giant egg.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Anwar scopes out that it is a vessel for some kind of organic being. The professor explains that it “the perfect life” inside, which has the potential to cure all diseases. Her life’s research has created this egg.

(Anwar is convinced this is drugs)

The egg however, requires constant acre. When the sun reaches it’s peak, the egg must be cooled regularly. Rina and the crew draw up a rota of who will wash the egg.

(“What else but drugs would you want to transport so suspiciously?”)

Anwar, the closest companion the professor has, tries to make the uneasy journey a bit more friendly. The professor has been refusing food prepared by cook. The viewer finds out that she has been inserting her own blood inside the egg.

(“You can’t behead a cook when on a ship, in the middle of the sea…”)

The egg takes on a presence and appears to sense when people are near.

(Rina is dreaming of a giant omlette)

During Anwar’s shift, he is careless and falls asleep when the egg requires cooling. As a result, the crew wake up to find the egg has “hatched” and the thing inside has escaped. They have no hope of catching it.

(The last one to run takes the blame for the cracking)

The crew search the bottom of the ship, coming across a skin and the remains of all the ship’s food. In the dark they come across a slippery monster, which is large and bites Gunnar on the arm. No-one knows what it is, and they close the storage door.

(“Reptilian skin shaped like a snake? What could this monster be, I wonder?”)

The professor confesses to Anwar that it was a monster that she was growing, however, it is controllable and will work for the benefit of humankind.

(The professor needs a lot of glue to get the egg back together)

Tricking Anwar into down with a simple light, she locks Anwar in the storage room with the creature. Anwar is terrified, and just as he’s about to be eaten the crew recuse him. The monster, which turns out to be a giant serpent, bites into the professor instead, taking her arm.

(Sinbad’s guess of “Ninja Turtles” was way off)

The serpent has grown stronger since it first hatched, and now will destroy the ship if it isn’t stopped. the crew decide to trap it using Tiger in a cage as bait.

(“After we kill this thing, we need a good laugh. Tell the crew your Tiger-origin story”)

On coming across the serpent, Tiger draws it into the deck of the ship. The professor throws herself inside to be consumed by the monster and manages to take possession of it’s body.

(Awkward moment when CG shouldn’t be this detailed and scary)

Her life’s work bears fruit as she proves that human sentience and an inhuman body can be combined. Anwar finds out that she has been following the teachings of a radical scientist that wanted all humanity wiped out. the crew know they have to stop her here, and before she sinks the ship.

(Gunnar never realised the fire would be cancelled out by the water)

Cook realises that the reason she was refusing food made by him was because she had a nut allergy. Banking on the fact that the serpent would also have the same weakness, he prepares Nut-paste arrows.

Sinbad and the crew eventually manage to kill the serpent.

(“So, do the fans like me yet?”)

Tiger decides to stay with the crew in the hope of finding a better life, and friends that care for her.

Overall, I’m terrified of snakes, and scary movies. Watching this tense episode where everyone sneaks about in the dark looking for a snake monster, was something from my nightmares. I still get chills from the screenshot of the professor-possessed-snake upwards.

I hated the professor as a character, firstly for being stuffy, then for lying and finally for being a massive snake that wanted eat humans. Any series that can get me so revolted at one person for so many different reasons deserves commendation for being well written.

The episode quality in Sinbad seems to be increasing as the series progresses. I’ve said this before, but it feels like Sinbad just brought out the big guns for the season’s ending episodes.

Tiger still hasn’t grown on me, but I didn’t expect her to. It’s a bit late to shove another main character squarely in the viewer’s face, and her story about being raised by tigers made me roll my eyes with derision.

Quirky for the sake of quirky, pretty for the sake of pretty. If she had a genuine grungy look, then she would make an interesting character.

Rated 4/5 – Chilling, terrifying and tensely plotted.

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