Music: Ayumi Hamasaki – I am… – Album Review

“Connected Evolution Naturally Never Ever Still Alone”

Artists: Ayumi Hamasaki

Age: October 2, 1978 (age 33)

Genre: JPop, JRock, Dance, Electronic

Released: 1st Janury 2002

An album that’s covered with Ayumi Hamasaki’s own production, under the pseudonym of CREA. The personal touch truly helped as most of the songs are incredible, and recommended to old and new fans.

The opening track I am… starts with acoustic singing merging into pop-rock, that sets the tone of the album. The strong vocals follow into UNITE!evolution, NEVER EVER and M. Many of these songs are her most popular, and are also concert-favourites.

There’s a very tight and coherent production making the songs blend into each other, but each have their own distinctive quirks. Some would argue that Ayu has never created another album of this caliber.

See below for album previews:




The ballads are suitably haunting to accompany the passionate rock, still alone has some interesting notes and Endless Sorrow has a solemn feeling. Connected deserves a mention for being a great dance track.

Daybreak and Endless sorrow are album versions, featuring different music and in even some different vocals.




NOTE: In Japan, song titles are usually stylised with capital letters and symbols.

1. I am…
2. opening run
3. Connected
5. evolution
6. Naturally
8. still alone
9. Daybreak
10. taskinlude
11. M
12. A Song is born
13. Dearest
14. no more words
15. Endless sorrow ~gone with the wind ver.~
16. flower garden (Hidden Ttack)

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