TV: The Newsroom – Episode 10 Series Finale Summary + Review

“Notify the person that cries at every ending”

(“Can you forgive me, or are you just going to die?”)

Airing on: Sky

Genre: Drama, Politics, Romance, Age: Adult

Released: 24th June 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Will is admitted to the hospital over a bleeding ulcer. His stress is caused by a tabloid article written by the journalist he hired to write about ANC news inner working. Bryan Branner may have had more than a grudge after being used by both MacKenzie and Will.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Gossip columnist Nina Howard gives MacKenzie a warning about Will’s rumours. She claims to have a source claiming that Will was high during the news broadcast of the capture of Osama Bin Laden. She tells MacKenzie to hide other sources.

(Nina Howard wasn’t interested in dissecting the MacKenzie-Will drama)

Charlie meets Soloman Hancock, the NSA employee who is trying to relay the hacking the NSA has seen TMI do. Charlie tells him that Solomon will contaminate the case with his bad habits, which will reach tabloid papers.

Solomon confesses to Charlie that he might have been a bad man, but he wants to clear his name with this act and to see his children.

(“Charlie, you aren’t crazy. Just like me. Totally not crazy.”)

Don asks Sloan for her opinion of Maggie moving in with him. She tells him that he shouldn’t regard himself as a bad person, and be pressured to do what other people think he should do. She also confesses that she secretly likes him.

(“You wasted the entire season chasing Maggie, when you could have had this…”)

Solomon Hancock commits suicide, and Jim is left to bring the news to Charlie. An envelope explaining the secrets of TMI’s hacking is also delivered.

(Jim enters  room awkwardly, proudly showing off his awkwardness)

Neal’s experiment with Internet Trolls backfires and now Will faces an even bigger problem as more people back the death threats.

(Neal explains Trolls… once again)

A nurse at the hospital where Will is being treated demands that the news should be about her great-grandmother’s non-ability to vote. She is been ostracised for not having photo-ID. Will is inspired by this and goes back to work.

(The nurse usually works in the baby department, and Will was having no baby)

The news team gets to work building a profile of republican candidates and the new photo-ID procedure.

(Votes for the Ugliest President were cast)

At dinner with Lisa, Maggie tells her that Jim might not have wanted to be with Lisa. Leaving very crushed, Maggie chases Lisa down the street.

(“Lisa, I think your boyfriend likes me. No seriously.”)

Coincidentally she meets Jim on the Sex and the City tour bus, where he is trying to become more educated on Lisa’s favourite show.

Magie and Jim have a brief but tender moment, and then they both realise that they are in relationships.

(“Don’t worry, there’s a second series. The fans want this too much”)

Maggie reaches Don’t house to tell him off, but is touched by his preparation to get Maggie to move in together.

(Keys to the house, and a towel with Maggie’s initials on it!)

Charlie, MacKenzie, and Will confront Leona and her son about the TMI hacking. Although both of them deny any knowledge at the start, when Leona fires Will, Charlie exposes her son’s activities. Leona’s attention is on her son, and Will is not fired. TMI must stop it’s hacking immediately.

(This isn’t a good time to ask for a raise)

During the news report about the voter-ID case, MacKenzie coaxes Will about the message that he left on her machine, the one that was intercepted by Nina Howard. He refuses to tell her what the rest of the message said.

(“I will win fans over, just for a ‘daww’ moment. You’ll see, you’ll see very soon…”)

Sloan decides not to leave ACN news and must now live with the awkward aftermath of confessing to Don.

(If anyone is awkward, they have a career making the news)

Will explains this entire “mess” as being the fault of a hallucinatory MacKenzie he spotted at a high school. MacKenzie shows him that was indeed her, and that his actions have made her happy.

(“See. Told you. Just say ‘daww’ already…”)

A new intern applies to work at ACN, and Will recognises her as the girl who asked him the initial question “What makes America the greatest country in the world?”. He hires her.

(Will got all the backlash from that first question, that’s tough.)

Throughout the final episode, Will’s broadcast is interjected as he explains the voter-ID repercussions.

(This is Will McAvoy, reporting from ACN… for the final screnshot)

Later, Nina Howard is shown deleting the message confirming that Will was on narcotics during broadcast. The message cuts off just before he admits to still loving MacKenzie.

Overall, the final episode has so much meat and plot-points in it, it was necessary to give a very detailed breakdown. All of the characters that have had their individuals episodes, have their own section in this episode. Although there is an overall timeline to this, the episode is intersected with various thoughts and actions.

There wasn’t much romantic fulfillment. If anything, the series stabs you right where it hurts. Maggie and Jim have a nice moment, and then decide to part ways awkwardly as ever. Don is still being a domineering boyfriend, although Sloan can see his good side without him trying.

MacKenzie becomes adorable and Will still won’t pay attention to her. This was definitely the sweeter episodes between the two, and is a stark contrast to the venom shown in the first episode.

This series really captured my heart. It has clean production, with slick characters and interesting stories. This was one of the best dramas I’ve seen in a long while. There’s clearly a second series planned, so I will be waiting for it with much impatience.

Rated 4/5 – Great series. Mature and intriguing. Romantic and intelligent.


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