Anime: Tari Tari – Episode 11 Summary + Review

“Land of Music where everyone sings, all the time, day and night…”

(Konatsu’s imagination puts the girls in some risque costumes)

Studio: P.A.Works

Genre: School, Music, Slice of Life, Age: All ages

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Konatsu has written down a memorable play for the upcoming White Festival. They have all the money that they require, and now all that’s left is for the group to begin rehearsals, scenery prop creation and a whole host of other difficult  tasks…

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Splitting off each task to each member of the group, Sawa is in charge of choreography, Wien of prop creation, Sakana of music and Taichi of the backdrops.

(“All focus will be you in the frog costume, seriously Wien”)

Wakana passes on the uncompleted song to Sawa so that she can come up with choreography.

(Sawa’s diet has given her the confidence to parade half-naked around school)

At the school there are various surveyors wandering around, and no-one appears to have idea why they are there.

(Random people around the campus will sometimes give out candy…)

Having no talent in drawing, Taichi decides to scout one of the members from the Art club, however they have no time to spare.

(Taichi has only ever drawn badminton-related stuff)

A classfrien of Taichi’s agrees to help out, in exchange of pictures of curvacious Sawa.

(Three girls one club? I’m in…)

Although Taichi attempts to take pictures of Sawa at dance practice, he is awed by her dancing skills and decides not to reveal it to his friend.

(The wave and mommy-dancing is all part of the musical)

The Principle is in discussion with surveyors that want to replace the current school buildings with retirement homes. The plans are underway, but building is scheduled to start soon.

(“So, we crush all students in the buildings and build over them..”)

Miss Takakura tells her choir group that the White Festival has been cancelled, and that the Principle has made an important announcement. This was the reason for her being angry at him, and being out of sorts for the past few days.

(“Good things that everyone was lazy this year, it’s cancelled.”)

After finding out that their hard work has gone to waste, the group decides to hang out together, but they now face their last year together and at this school. Alternative schools will be arranged for the students after the end of this year, and likely they will follow different paths.

(They can still do the play and go Youtube)

Finding inspiration, Wakana finishes her song and shows the entire group. Konatsu and the group decide to put on their own White Festival.

(“No repetitive lyrics about ho’s. Classy work, Sakana”)

Overall, it’s actually a shocking twist that the White Festival is cancelled, especially when the group has been working so hard to make it happen. I liked Konatsu’s idea for her original musical, even if in her imagination it was a lot glossier than it would have been on stage.

I hope that the group do something about the school closing too, although maybe that’s just the way the series rolls.

Rated 4/5  Great character and plot progression.

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