Anime: La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia – Episode 11 Summary + Review

“So, you want to wake up your parents?”

(Felicita discusses her trauma of nude pictures on the internet)

Studio: J.C.Staff

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Reverse-Harem, Shoujo, Age: All ages

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the last episode, Jolly discusses Felicita’s use of the Wheel of Fortune card. Felicita reveals that she has to pick a lover to begin using The Lovers card. Jolly tells her to pick one, to increase her power as soon as possible.

Warning! May Contain Spoilers!




To help get over Felicita’s memory loss, Nova and Liberta take her fishing. They give her a hairclip as a present.

(Nova and Liberta tell her she has a great body, and everyone is happy)

Nova reveals his inner thoughts about Felicita and his parents to Liberta, who is shocked at Nova’s powers.

(“You might be straight? That’s not what the fangirls say,…”)

Felicita falls in the water by accident after trying to recover the hairclip she almost dropped.

(Felicita shows her poor swimming skills, despite living in a seaside town)

The trio land on a nearby island. With Felicita growing colder Liberta has no choice but to use his Power of Words to get a fire going.

(“You can’t blame everything on these imaginary fangirls…”)

When Felicita wakes up, she thanks the boys for taking care of her. Nova can tell that she has something on her mind, and wants to help.

(Nova zones out listening to Felicita’s girl issues)

Nova talks to Liberta about his parent and how he put them in a coma.

(“Hold on! Hold on! Save that for the tournament…” *cough*)

To find out the extent of Nova’s powers, the gang decide to do some research in the library.

(Research works better when you know what you’re looking for…)

The research doesn’t prove fruitful,but Jolly tells them that they should try using Nova’s powers to wake up his parents. However, Nova might be hurt in the process.

(Nova craves the anger and responsibility parents give to teenagers)

After the event, Nova finds himself weak and on the floor.

(“Nova, are you okay? They only told you to clean your room..”)

The parents haven’t woken up yet, but the trio stay in the room til the morning to see the effects.

(Felicita’s farts are less than welcome)

Jolly informs everyone that Nova’s parents are slowly recovering, and that they will be moving about soon.

Now, the Arcana family prepares for the tournament.

(In the tournament, everyone who saw the pictures will be killed)

Overall, every time the tournament is mentioned, it’s time for the episode to end. The story arc with Nova’s parents was sad, but they didn’t have to spend all episode correcting it. It’s incredibly boring watching them fumble their way through research.

Jolly is a pivotal character again. Maybe it’s the shades, but people listen to him very well. He’s definitely an interesting character.

Well, the tournament should be in the next episode so… I’m waiting for that.

Rated – 3/5 Glimpse into Nova’s mind.

See the next episode!

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