Anime: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Mankind has Declined) – Episode 11 Summary + Review

“Sugar and the Sugar Sweet”

(Get ready to hate fictional characters at a fictional post-apocalyptic school)

Studio: AIC A.S.T.A

Genre: Surreal, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Age: 13+

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the last episode, the Mediator is at school, aged 10. This is the first time that she has been around other youngsters, and she finds herself in the youngest class until she can prove herself capable.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




The first challenge itself is to get to into her room. With the aid of an old malfunctioning robot, she finally manages, but it’s to the disappointment of the younger Y (episode 3), who wanted to see the new kid “challenged”.

(At least sneaking out past the robot will be easy… for future reference)

A young girl in the Mediator’s class tried to befriend her, but the Mediator thinks it’s a plot and refuses to talk to the younger girls.

(“Every class needs a poof-head, and I am this class’s.”)

At the library, she meets an old man that claims to be a good friend of her grandfather.

(Creepy old man has been watching the Mediator for a while…)

Back in her room, and studying to get out of the younger classes, the Mediator meets the young girls who still wants to be her friend. The Mediator coldly brushes her off.

(“My teddy woke me up at night… and said I had to kill you…”)

At a hillside, the Mediator comes across a lonely fairy, who was unaware that he was lonely until it was pointed out. The Mediator also admits that she is lonely.

(Fairies are now the most normal part of Jinrui)

School isn’t going well, and with the students ganging up on her, escaping the younger classes and clutches of Y is important.

(Hazing 2.0: Everyone gets a turn to kick her butt)

After a hazy dream where the Mediator runs through corridors, she finds her wish to have friends granted by the fairy. Now, with her memory of her fairy-encounter missing, she can start again.

(“Standing in the corridor late at night. Detention.”)

The pushy young girl has moved herself into the Mediator’s room, and even dragged her to a tea party club. Although the Mediator may not want them, she’s going to have to learn to get along with her new friends.

(Jinrui reuses the flowers from Ouran High School Host Club)

Overall, I thought Jinrui wouldn’t have any elements of being a typical school anime Yes, it’s only one (or two) episodes, with cutesy girls parading around in their school uniforms, but I’m so tired of this cliche.

Jinrui was interesting when the Mediator had matured into her job role, so it’s a shock to find her in an awkward state. She’s not good with people at all, and people don’t respond to her well either.

I was impressed with the themes of loneliness and bullying, which was displayed fairly accurately. I’ll give it props for that, and try and ignore the tea party ending.

Rated – 3.5/5 School times and every insecurity that a teenage girl can have.

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