TV: The Newsroom – Episode 9 Summary + Review

“If anyone was calm before, they can let go now…”

(MacKenzie is tested by a higher force, but at least she didn’t hear voices in her head)

Airing on: Sky

Genre: Drama, Politics, Romance, Age: Adult

Released: 24th June 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, MacKenzie is trying to inspire her crew to do a live newscast on the streets rather than sit and mope. She sees the blackout as an opportunity, rather than a burden. Embarrassingly, just as everyone is getting fired up, the lights come back one and everyone has to resume work for getting the ratings up.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




The entire crew i stressed about the degradation of the ACN. Will even begins smoking on set, which is noted by journalist Bryan Brenner.

(Smoking-on-set is still better than when being high-on-air)

Jim is asked to do the vetting process on Solomon Hancock,an NSA employee who is claiming the government listens to people’s private calls and emails.

Neal is attempting to create a reputation of “trolling” so he can get into an exclusive part of a trolling forum. To minimise the damage, Sloan agrees to be the victim, however he must keep her up to date.

(Neal only promises to call her a slut… with a big butt)

The news crew still need an exclusive angle to the Casey Anthony story, and Maggie tells them that her roommate Lisa was with her in high school.

Lisa refuses to do the interview initially, but eventually does it as a favour.

(Lisa struggles with Jim’s new-found femininity)

On air, Lisa claims that she has little information to give. Instead, she states that a pro-abortion or necessary removal of children from their parents would prevent mothers from killing children, if that was the case with Casey Anthony.

She adds that the media only focused on this trial for sensationalism, because it is of human interest, rather than revealing that many children disappear, die or are abused every year.

Lisa suffers a backlash from the public, including her workplace being damaged.

(“Children are food, and could solve the world hunger problem, you know..”)

The rating for ACN are up, and representatives of GOP, which will give them the presidential debate.

(The bad wig turns out to be Don’s actual haircut…)

They are not impressed by the new aggressive format that ACN proposes. Claiming that MacKenzie will over-produce any show, and that Will McAvoy will steal the limelight from the candidates. The debate is offered to Don and his team, however he refuses, as does Sloan.

(Nobody wants accuracy or piousness on the NEWS!)

Bryan Brenner confronts Maggie afterwards about his hovering in the news room for the past few days. He claims that Will wasn’t punishing MacKenzie, but Bryan feels he has been punished instead.

(Cheating on two guys in not cool, but move on, cause we both have to work to get paid)

Don confronts Maggie about the cheating he has been doing  behind her back, just as Jim takes out Lisa to a reconciliation date.

(Don’s other girlfriends send him flowers… and they might not be girls..)

Neal has cracked into the troll community, with one particular member claiming to be the one who sent death threats to Will.

(Red pill or blue pill? Neal discovers a whole new world…)

Overall, I thought the episode was interesting, fast paced and very good at steering through a obstacle-course plot.

The episode bites down hard on issues which have been floundering. Don finally mans up and tells Maggie his actions. Bryan tells MacKenzie to stop messing with people’s head, including her own. Will lets out his stress, which is rather revealing about his character.

MacKenzie totally loses her cool in this episode, twice. I thought it was out of character, and rather embarrassing. I felt sorry for her.

Is anyone else getting tired of Neal’s painful description of internet trolls? The worst part is, if you didn’t know what internet trolls were before, you might not understand when he explains either. Like the Big Foot thing, it was repeated multiple times, and is at best a mediocre arc that screams Matrix movies.

Rated 4/5 – Tense atmosphere and events. Great character bites.

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