Anime: Natsuyuki Rendezvous – Episode 10 Summary + Review

“Welcome to my funeral”

(Smart Dress Only in the afterlife)

Studio: Dogakobo

Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Josei, Age: 13+

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the last episode, after realising that e has taken place of Atsushi in the magical world, Hazuki panics about how he will get home. The magical Rokka, who he has trusted for as long as he has been trapped in the sketchbook, invite Hazuki to see his own funeral.

After realising that ‘Rokka’ is in fact a remnant of Atsushi’s consciousness that is trapped within the book, Hazuki makes it back to the real world… but as a ghost!

Warning! May contain Spoilers!




In the forest he come across the notebook and the backpack that Atsushi was using when he was running away.

Rokka now knows that Hazuki’s body is taken over by her late husband, and she’s glad for the swap. Hazuki catches them being very sweet together, and wonders how he will be able to get his body back.

(“If this is a dream… which Hazuki am I supposed to pinch?”)

Atsushi spots Hazuki, because he has the ability to see his ghost self, same as when Hazuki spotted him. After talking it out, Atsushi refuses to give Hazuki his body back, even though it’s unfair on Hazuki.

Hazuki accuses Atsushi of being unwilling to let Rokka go, and also about lying.

(This is why you never trust a smiling person in anime…)

Atsushi goes to Rokka for a “last meal”, although Rokka doesn’t catch the meaning. She begins questioning him about the times when he began to be her husband, instead of Hazuki. Everything romantic that Rokka has encountered turns out to be Atsushi’s actions.

(“This is a scientific marvel, but we’ll keep you a secret forever, and ever, and ever…”)

Although Rokka is glad that Atsushi is back, she asks him where the real Hazuki has gone. Meanwhile Hazuki watches the pair from above the ground.

(Hazuki’s learned a few things about stalking from Rokka!)

Overall, I feel like I’m losing interest in the series. The pace is really dragging, and in a standard 30-minute episode not a lot of information is conveyed.

As glad as I am that Hazuki is back (finally!!) in the real world, the lack of confrontation is disappointing.

This is also the first time I’ve viewed Atsushi as a potential baddie. His refusal to let his wife go, even after dead, now scream creepy. His refusal to let Hazuki have the body back even though he promised he would only borrow it, is also below the belt.

It’s still interesting, but annoyingly slow. Well, I’ll see how this plays out anyway…

Rated – 3/5 Nothing much is said. Sweet moments between Atsushi and Rokka.

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