Anime: Tari Tari – Episode 10 Summary + Review

“Don’t have the budget for a zord…”

(Disco moves on full display)

Studio: P.A.Works

Genre: School, Music, Slice of Life, Age: All ages

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, the’ Choir and sometimes badminton club; put on a show at the local shopping center dressed as rangers. In an interesting twist, they have their own food and product related names and attacks. You can buy all of the food they mentioned, with a discount, if you go to the local sale…

Warning! May contain spoilers!




When one of the older helpers, who have “volunteered” to dress as baddies, hurts his back, Shiho steps in to make sure the crowd get a good show.

(Sawa realises that her mum will never outgrow cosplay)

The group’s enthusiam pays off and it;s a prosperous event. At Shiho and Sawa’a house, Shiha asks the group if they mind helping more. They need to prepare for the White Festival, but Wakana loudly tells everyone that they should help out in the community instead.

(Wakana’s eager to get the solo in front)

At school, Konatsu is called to the office by Miss Naoko Takakura. She wants to know why members of the club have been working as it is forbidden by the school. Konatsu reminds her that she signed their permission slip in the first place, and it would seem strange for a member of faculty to change her mind afterwards. Konatsu also adds that the group are only using the money for the festival preparations.

(Konatsu scares Miss Takakura with the rangers routine in school)

Wakana asks for help from Miss Takakura. Naoko knew her mum when they were in high school, but hasn’t made any contact with her daughter. Wakana simply wanted to know how her mother wrote songs.

Miss Takakura eventually tells her that her mum had natural talent and could up with melodies with inspiration.

(“You’re real identity is the pink ranger? Don’t make me laugh…”)

After Wakana leaves, Naoko Takakura is haunted by memories of the time she went to visit Wakana’s mother, shortly before her death. They were best friends in high school,l and her death impacted Naoko a lot.

(“Remember to tell Wakana that composing is hard… I just make it look easy”)

The group is unsure if they’ll be allowed to work anymore, so Konstu digs up her beloved signed record of the Condor Queens. It’s not worth much however, and the group decide that since they have permission, they shoul continue with the rangers show while they can.

(“Please buy my album… We also have Sawa on sale…”)

The show is turning into a success,a dn Wien in particular seems to revelling in the attention.

(Bargain prices are guaranteed by the rangers!)

When a thief steals Konatsu’s bag from the sidelines, contains the Condor Queen’s record, Wien runs after the bike.

(So exciting, it should be a new reality TV show!)

A chase across the city takes place, with the thief slowly making a escape. Wien and others manage to catch him, and even sing the rangers theme song.

(Ranger poses don’t cause explosions outside the designated market area…)

Overall, I thought the episode was really good. It focused on Wien, who often seems like he is one of the forgotten characters. His past is interesting.

The charade with the cosplay and action sequences was hilarious. Maybe it’s not to everyone’s taste, and some people might even argue that this episode achieved very little, but this series has a luxurious and deep pace that focuses more on characters than progressing a gimmicky story.

Can’t wait to see the next episode.

Rated 4/5  Funny, witty and charming characters and plot.

See the next episode!

See the previous episode!

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