Anime: La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia – Episode 9 Summary + Review

“Papa is dying, and no doctor can help!”

(Next season: the tournament to find out what the will says)

Studio: J.C.Staff

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Reverse-Harem, Shoujo, Age: All ages

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the last episode, Papa is ill, but when confronted by Felicita, Nova and Liberta, everyone denies that anything is serious. Later, Felicita finds out the real truth from Jolly and Dante.

It’s revealed that Papa’s card from the Arcana Famiglia is The World. The cards that have contracts, they are supported by the person who controls their power. However, Papa is responsible for supplying energy to all the cards that don’t have a host, and is exhausted from supplying too much power.

Warning! May Contain Spoilers!




This is the reason that Jolly’s research has included creating so many contracts, and quickly. His greatest successes have been Luca, Pace and Debito, even though they resent being under Jolly’s care.

Jolly has been raising Elmo, and his clone, in the hope of making more contracts, but it’s unlikely that other clones can help.

If Papa doesn’t get rid of the extra cards soon, his body may die.

(Elmo is raised as the perfect child-butler, and the place looks neat and tidy)

Felicita suggests using her other card power, The Wheel of Fortune for help. However, the last time it was used, Felicita caused destructive powers to waken. Finding out the truth, Felicita turns to Mama for help.

(“How come Jolly created a clone of Luca and not me?”)

The reason Papa made the contract with The World was during a time of desperation. The island was under attack from invaders who had killed off all of the Arcana family before, except Papa and Jolly.

The World card used the energy from all the rest of the cards, and gave the Arcana family a new start. However that was the day that Papa’s struggle began.

(“Time for a yu-gi-oh duel. They won’t be able to beat my cards!”)

Felicita knows that she can’t do anything until she gets stronger. Going over to the courtyard, he uses her The Lovers power on Liberta and Nova, who are dueling.

She finds out that they are both thinking about the upcoming tournament. Both of them want to get stronger and do well. Both have different reasons for competing, and different opinions to how they will treat their marriage with Felicita, if they win.

(Card powers totally don’t match up to swords)

In the study, Jolly mentions to Dante that if Felicita uses the Wheel of Fortune card, then she will lose all her memories, as well as unleashing the destructive power.

(Dante warns Jolly about Elmo’s smoker cough….)

Overall, just when the series was in serious need of a shock, this gush of information appears. Like water to a man dying of thirst.

Papa’s use of The World during the invaders, and the consequences were an interesting reveal. As was Felicita’s second card contract, which gives her a much more interesting power than just reading people’s hearts.

Jolly is proven not to be the bad guy, which was likely to happen, he’s too valuable to the Arcana family to be a true outcast. Even if Debito, Luca and Pace don’t like him, the viewer can sympathies with the reasons he has for his research.

Once again, the three main characters, Felicta, Nova and Liberta provide the least interesting sections. The older characters sure know how to steal the show.

Rated – 3.5/5 Moving upwards. Interesting card information and upcoming events.

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