TV: The Newsroom – Episode 7 Summary + Review

“Aliens have invaded earth! It could be true…”

(“All in favour, of knocking Neal out until this is over: raise your hands!”)

Airing on: Sky

Genre: Drama, Politics, Romance, Age: Adult

Released: 24th June 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, at a party, Charlie gets a call from a mysterious source. An important press assembly by the White House will take place, and the ACN news team gather together late at night.

The supposed reason for the press, which cuts into major advertising, is either the capture of Gaddafi or Osama Bin Laden.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Don, Sloan and Elliot are stuck on an airplane, and are refused to be let off. Despite being under the influence of drugs, Will McAvoy has to be the one to break the news of Osama’a Bin Laden’s capture.

Rumours about the press conferences are beginning to leak. MacKenzie suggests following the lead of other news channels. Charlie refuses to use the confirmation that is being given by the others.

(Charlie doesn’t believe Bin Laden is dead. Does any villain truly die…?)

The news team soon has confirmation from a creditable source about the death of Bin Laden. Will gives the introduction to the address made by President Obama.

(“For the new budget, more TVs are needed on the wall. MORE, I say!”)

Minor plot-lines in this episode are Jim and Lisa (Maggie’s roommate) brief break-up and re-dating. Don is worried that he’s losing Maggie to Jim, which Maggie and Jim both deny.

Overall, this is a repetitive episode that went round in circles. Not much information was told to the characters, and everyone floundered around, looking confused.

Jim’s relationship troubles couldn’t have been more jarring. Everything that the news team was putting together was put of hold has Lisa watches Jim and Maggie’s interactions. It was even more weird to see Maggie deny anything to do wit Jim, when Don is in a plan fretting that he’s losing her.

The mysterious source is never addressed, and Charlie is left in the background. I have a feeling that more about the course will be revealed as the series progresses.

Rated 3.5/5 – Choppily constructed from floundering topics, but still a good episode.

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