Book: The Price (Coraline & Other Stories) Review

“That cat is a person”

Author: Neil Gaiman

Genre: Surreal, Horror, Age: Children’s+

Released: 5th October 2009 (UK Version)

A black cat taken in by a family in the countryside. After a few attacks in the night which leaves the Black Cat injured, the husband decides to find out what is attacking him.

The answer chills him to his bones…

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Finding out the answer was genuinely spooky for me. It’s been a long time since a book had me looking over my shoulder, or trying to peep out of my window.

A monster, or the Devil, comes up the house every night, trying to get into the house. The Black Cat defends the house and the people inside.

Let’s face it, it’s only a cat. The shape-shifting monster that comes up to the house is powerful enough to kill it, and it almost does.

The husband is the only one who knows about the cat fighting for their lives, and he wonders how long can the cat can keep going.

Overall, the story is short, and packs a punch.

Too many of Gaiman’s story end on a “mysterious” note, which isn’t great for a short story unlikely to have a sequel. In this anthology it stands out a beacon of conclusiveness.

Rated – 3/5  Terrifying surreal, and everyone’s fear.

*Covers made by me, for illustrative purposes only.

See other stories in this anthology!

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