Anime: Binbougami ga! – Episode 8 Summary + Review

“This is just a cheap toy”

(Momiji exorcises Sakura with a movie DVD)

Studio: Sunrise

Genre: Surreal, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Age: 13+

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the last episode, Ranmaru wants to hang out with Sakura and Momiji. Although the latter is wiling and they have a great time at karaoke, Sakura doesn’t want to have any friends. Ranmarus is determined to find out why…

This episode contains material not suitable for younger viewers!

Being friendly to Sakura at school doesn’t pay off, and Sakura starts hiding from Ranmaru. A nasty girl from their class tries to “help” Sakura… by kidnapping her!

(Sakura had nightmares about smiling and running around happy *shudder*)

At an abandoned building, she gives Sakura over to some guys who plan on having their way.

(‘Hairstyles’ are on the list of things they’ve killed)

Luckily, Ranmaru dashes in to help, and beats everyone up.

(Ranmaru starts off the dance-battle with some disco moves)

The girls are quivering with fear, and think they’re going to be punished. However, the building falls down around them.

(Everyone fears for their lives when the daddy-dancing starts)

Ranmarus holds up the building while everyone makes their escape. They don’t want to get caught, so they tell no-one that Ranmaru is still trapped inside.

(“Eeek! Escape! These moves are too stupid and addictive!”)

Luckily, Sakura knows that Ranmaru is inside and wants to help her… however, she doesn’t want to be friends with Ramarou afterwards.

(Sakura fears she may also need to change her hairstyle)

Sakura remembers how her friend used their friendship against her, when they both liked the same boy. She thinks that the same thing will happen with Ramarou.

(Her friend committed suicide after Sakura found a boyfriend, age 2)

Momiji convinces her to get Ranmaru back. Extracting soem fortune, Sakura feeds it to Ramarou, and they both burst out of the building in a combination of magic and dojo-ness.

(Striking He-man poses after destroying a building… nice!)

Ranmaru reassures Sakura that tshe’ll never let her down, and Sakura feels that she’s finally got a true friend.

(“I’ll stay with you forever… until Keita is with me. Then you’re totally dumped.”)

Overall, I really liked that Ranmaru gets more focus. She’s clearly a likable and energetic character.

The series veered away from the fortune-extracting, which Momiji was obsessed with in the first couple of episodes. Now it’s more about friendship, and feelings, and all that jazz.

The plot isn’t going to blow anyone away. If you’ve read any typical shojou-esque manga, you’ll know the whole friendship-phobia is a familiar trope. However, I think the characters make it fresh.

Momiji is still pretty amazing and fresh. Bobby, Keita and Momou have taken a backseat for a long time now…

Rated – 3.5/5 Comedy and fluff wrapped up in tomboyish skin.

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