Book: Instructions (Coraline & Other Stories) Review

“If you turn around here, I will think no less of you”

Author: Neil Gaiman

Genre: Surreal, Horror, Age: Children’s+

Released: 5th October 2009 (UK Version)

A short journeying story written in instruction format. By following these, the reader can travel to a distant place and back.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




This is a strange story, which I initially thought was a poem because of the way it’s been formatted through the pages.

By reading down a list of instructions, you are gradually taken from a set of gates, to castles with princesses, wolves and ferrymen.

It’s short prose, but because of the excessive breaks in paragraphs, you read each word slowly. It’s amazing how edited each line is, set to convey the exact meaning.

Even though the descriptions are left to the reader’s imaginations, it’s a surprisingly vivid and interesting journey.

I thought it felt like old fairytale books with silhouette pictures, but maybe it’s up to the reader to have their own interpretation.

While this story is nice to read, it’s not something I would actively seek out. It just happened to be in the anthology, so I read it.

Rated – 2/5  Short, vivid, and surprisingly well paced.

*Covers made by me, for illustrative purposes only.

See other stories in this anthology!

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