Anime: La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia – Episode 8 Summary + Review

“I’m a real boy!”

(Totally not an illegitimate child. Luca’s DNA was simply stolen)

Studio: J.C.Staff

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Reverse-Harem, Shoujo, Age: All ages

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the last episode, the mysterious vanishing child, Elmo (episode 3), is shown next to Jolly, who is apparently his guardian. Elmo asks to be able to go the city, and Jolly obliges with a trip.

Felicita sees them together and wonders what their relationship is, since Jolly is normally aloof.

Warning! May Contain Spoilers!




Catching Elmo in the Arcana mansion’s gardens, Felicita finds out that Jolly is looking after him. She gets a different mindset about Jolly’s character, even though Luca has warned her that not all is what it seems.

Persuading Felicita to deliver a letter, from Jolly to Debito, seems like a small task. However Debito has been suffering from anxious nightmares and doesn’t want attention from Jolly.

(Debito can only read neon signs after working in a casino for years)

To get everyone to feel like a family, Felicita invites them to help clean the church together.

(Felicita invites to a “cleaning party” weren’t well received…)

Debito, Luca, and Pace, have a nostalgic time as they were raised in this church. They remember playing inside for hours.

(To be truly invisible, you have to shut your eyes)

As per Felicita’s invitation, Jolly shows up. He taunts Debito, Luca and Pace about their past.

After they left they left the church, Jolly experimented on them to see if they could could get a Tarocco contract, which gave them their powers.

Debito gets annoyed with Jolly for bringing up the past, and starts a fight. Jolly defeats him easily.

(“No don’t shoot me… I have a son”)

Pace attacks Jolly, because he is also annoyed at him. The power gets deflected by Jolly, who is injured, but amused by everyone’s threats.

(Epic bro-fist collision!)

Later at night, Felicita, Liberta and Nova, go to Jolly’s rooms where they spot the glowing, floating item (episode 5). It turns out that Jolly had been creating an artificial human in his lab, and that person is Elmo!

(“Clean out your water tank more often. The filth mutated the fish into a human!”)

Overall, this episode definitely stepped up the game. I think the series was getting boring and stale, but the revelation of Jolly’s experiments was a great strike.

Elmo isn’t a great character, but anything is better than watching Luca serve endless cups of tea, and Felicita stare into the distance.

The viewers finally get to see some power-action between some of the characters. Debito and Pace show their teeth, which is nice since they’ve always been really laid back.

Disappointing, the main trio of Felicita, Nova and Liberta, act like children… or the Scooby-Doo gang. They just happen to explore and stumble onto things, but rarely have the strength to do interesting stuff.

At least things are looking up, and hopefully more plot-lines will come together. Like, *ahem* the tournament!

Rated – 2.5/5 Finally some action. Debito and Pace on display.

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  1. Yinuo

     /  August 26, 2012

    You have been complaining that this anime has been moving too slowly, I may be able to provide a small explanation for it. This story was based off of a light novel, and there’s also a game to it. If you play the game, you’ll find that the Arcana Duello doesn’t come in until the very last parts. Instead, the characters spend time at the beginning interacting with each other. Likely, the storyline for the anime will end up doing the same.

    • Interacting would make sense in a game. In an anime, particularly one that was advertised with an action genre, it would need to have…. action. XD

      The only reason I stayed with Arcana Famiglia for so long was, because I wanted to see them fight in a tournament. :/ It seems like false advertising.

      It’s good to know that the tournament planned somewhere in the series. ^^ Even if it’s at the end…


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