Anime: Binbougami ga! – Episode 7 Summary + Review

“I wanna start a fight”

(Ranmaru reminisces about her starring role in Utena)

Studio: Sunrise

Genre: Surreal, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Age: 13+

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the last episode, Sakura manages to blame a shoplifting incident on a random boyish girl in the street. Thinking that her fortune has saved her neck once more, she learns that the boyish girl is actually a new transfer student to her school!

Ranmaru Rindou is a dojo-inheriting  delinquent that wants nothing more revenge, and Sakura’s on her list…

This episode contains material not suitable for younger viewers!

The boys in Sakura’s class won’t let Ranmaru get close, but Momiji is ready to give a helping hand.

(Momiji tackles the old saying “the enemy of my enemy…”)

After a failing raid on Sakura’s house, Ranmaru challenges Sakura to a school-fight.

With Momiji selling bets and Keita selling refreshments, there’s plenty of money to be earned.

(Auctioning Sakura and Ranmaru’s souls for the Misfortune Gods Fund)

Ranmaru fires up her karate skills, and for a moment, it looks like Sakura will be beaten…

(“I once killed a man with my high-five”)

But, Sakura’s fortune kicks in and strikes Ranmaru down, giving Sakura the chance for a final hit.

(“So where did you learn to fight…? WWE?”)

Keita comforts Ranmaru after her fight, and she gets a crush on him.

(“He’s so shiny! Must resist the shiny!”)

Sakura and Momiji both try and win Ranmaru over by giving her a girly makeover, so that she can be a normal high-school girl and win Keita.

(Sakura points out the clinic where Ranmaru’s girl transformation will be complete)

The transformation goes well, and for the first time in her life Ranmaru feels feminine.

(Now that Ranmaru’s a girl, an entirely new era of cat-fights can begin)

The next day however, she comes to school looking beat up and back to her regular boyish self.

(No-one said to fight with actual cats!)

Sakura finds out that Ranmaru’s dad doesn’t want her to be feminine, because of his plan for her to inherit the dojo, and because he wanted a boy.

Sakura challenges him to a duel.

(“How can you complain about her being girly? She gets her pink hair from you!”)

Of course, Sakura can’t fight, but her fortune comes in handy again, and she defeats the tough dojo master.

Just as the final blow is about to come, Ranmaru asks her to stop because she doesn’t want her father injured.

(Ranmaru cheats at arm-wrestling after Sakura beats her dad)

In her room, Sakura ponders about her actions and why she interfered. She didn’t understand Ranmaru’s answers about “family loyalty” and is confused.

(Sakura gives up after losing the arm-wrestle)

At school, Ranmaru thanks Sakura for helping her out with her dad. He’s being more agreeable about what Ranmaru can wear, but she still prefers her regular clothes.

(From now on, Ramaru will be a half girl… and half dojo-inheriting boy)

Overall, this is a great episode. There were plenty of action and laughs. I liked Ranmaru’s character, she’s quirky and powerful and her costume is good as well. It was nice to see so much stuffed into one episode. We get to see Ranmaru’s tomboyish and girly side, and she’s a great addition to the cast.

Rated – 4/5 Fast-paced action, plenty of humour. Great new character.

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