TV: The Newsroom – Episode 6 Summary + Review

“See, now no-one can hide on the Internet!”

(Will finds out that Niel forwards cat pictures on his behalf)

Airing on: Sky

Genre: Drama, Politics, Romance, Age: Adult

Released: 24th June 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, after messing up his lines on air, MacKenzie confront Will about his problems. Will confesses that he’s tired, because he hasn’t slept for many days. Suffering from insomnia, he decides to visit his local doctor, only to discover that his doctor had passed away. His son, Jacob Hahib was willing to listen to Will’s problems.

Will’s under a lot of pressure at work, mostly caused by a death-threat…

Warning! May contain spoilers!




The episode is in a flashback. Will encounters aggressive comments towards him, when he badly handles people he’s interviewing. Niel confirms that it’s possible to have a regulated system, which requires everyone to log-in with legal information.

Will gets a death-threat from someone claiming to be a University Professor, but the person has somehow managed to by-pass the profile requirements.

Sloan is given advice by Will to be more “aggressive” on screen, and demand answers from her interviewees. Taking this advice, she causes an international panic, when she claims that the Fukushima plant in Japan is emitting Level 7 rating of radiation.

(The Internet turns Sloan into a meme… This might be a good thing…)

Will hires a bodyguard, that is supposed to protect him from the threatening person, however he still has no clue about how to thwart the Internet’s anonymity.  In the end, he admits that he was mistaken for pushing his interviewees too far.

Sloan, meanwhile has to apologise to the viewers for giving the wrong information, and has to claim not be fluent in Japanese. ACN anchors now have a lie hanging over their heads, but Sloan gets to keep her job, and her source in Japan is also safe.

(“Pretend you don’t know Japanese… Actually, pretend you mime the news!”)

In the end, the Japanese government confirm that the nuclear reactor had reached Level 7.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode. Sloan is often played an as anchor-bimbo, but here you can see how smart she is. I found that the actress, Olivia Munn’s, Japanese skills were pretty high. Interestingly, she was raised in Japan, and clearly has fluency.

The two stories, of Will’s insomnia and Sloan’s bumble with Fukushima didn’t mesh together. It’s a good thing that both characters are interesting and that the plot-points were strong. The pace of the episode was kept well.

The side-characters such as Don, Maggie and Jim were pushed aside in favour of MacKenzie, Will and Slaon. It’s nice to take a break by the flopping love-triangle that’s been pushed squarely in the viewer’s face ever since the series started.

Rated 3.5/5 – Interesting topic, more focus on shifted Sloan and Will.

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