TV: Sinbad – Episode 6 Summary + Review

“Tell me a story…”

(“Welcome to my island. It’s just you, me and thousands of ghost memories…”)

Airing on: Sky

Genre: Adventure, Family, Action, Fantasy, Drama, Age: All ages

Released: 8th July 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Sinbad dives into the sea to assess the damage a leak has caused. He’s taken by some fish-tailed mosnter, and Cook finds a sharp bone stuck into the side of the ship.

After being washed ashore and being rescued by a beautiful and flirtacious woman called Roisin, Sinbad feels like he’s found paradise. But there are sinister underlinings to this lonely desert island.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Nala and Gunnar trace the tides to where Sinbad is “resting”. Roisin becomes jealous of Nala, and eventually manages to make Sinbad forget his friends.

Sinbad’s deadline for getting on the ship is by dawn, but Roisin makes him forget his curse, and steals memories of his family away from him. She is apparently allergic to sad memories, and will only hear happy stories.

In the morning, when Sinbad misses the ship, Rina and Anwar come on shore to look for him. They see specters of Sinbad’s memories.

(Bored crew members can a play a new game: How many faces do you see?)

After having his memories stolen, Sinbad eventually loses sense of who he is. Roisin takes him to a watery altar where she plans on killing him, after he has given her one last memory.

(It doesn’t count as cannibalism, because she’s part fish)

Rina and Anwar come just in time, and Rina tells Roison the story of how she was sold into slavery. Roison chokes on the memory and becomes the monster-siren once more. Sinbad’s memories return, and he takes back the spectral bad memories as well.

On the ship, Sinbad sees an image of his grandmother being held prisoner and calling for help. He decides to go back to Basra, and confront his fears.

What he doesn’t know that Taryn has his grandmother hostage, and is using the curse’s magical trace to reach Sinbad with an image.

Meanwhile, Lord Akbari has killed his brother, the Amir of Basra, and now is facing his own anguish.

Overall, this episode has a really haunting atmosphere. I loved the empty, exotic and beautiful scenery.

Roisin is a great character, although I doubt we will see her again. The actual siren-monster isn’t given much screen-time, instead, we get luxurious images of Roisin in pretty dresses and makeup.

I actually remember Roisin’s actress, Georgia King, from the Jane Eyre (2006) movie, and from one Merlin episode.

The parts where Sinbad is romanced, which are always present in every episode, are getting very annoying. I feel like the director pushes him as a heart-throb too much.

I also see some inkling of pairings being put in place. Sinbad and Nala are budding, and Rina and Anwar have been semi-suggested a few times. It’s only hinted, so I don’t think anything drastic will happen this season.

Rated 3.5/5 – Haunting story, beautiful imagery, and a different take on siren mythology.

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