Anime: Natsuyuki Rendezvous – Episode 6 Summary + Review

“Finish the story?”

(This world has bandages and birds, but not an exit?)

Studio: Dogakobo

Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Josei, Age: 13+

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the last episode, Hazuki is still trapped within the other world. He is told by Tiny Rokka that he might not be able to get back. Desperate to finish off the story in the sketchbook, he thinks that might be the key to getting his body back.

Warning! May contain Spoilers!




After a fumbling attempt to get closer to each other, Atsushi-as-Hazuki leaves. Atsushi can admit that he wants Rokka to move on, and yet he can’t stand the thought of her being with someone else. He seems to be playing up the romance, now that he can be with his wife, however, every moves he makes will be seen as Hazuki’s.

Rokka is lost in her own thoughts about how much she hurts Hazuki, especially today.

(Rokka’s stick-men don’t help with drawing therapy)

Miho, Rokk’a sister in low, needs help with her garden. Rokka finds the rose arch that Atsushi planted many years ago, and is relieved to see the roses are growing healthy.

(“Eating roses is a good way to bring dead husbands back to life, you say…?”)

When Miho tries to confront Rokka about dating a certain shop employee, Rokka rushes away.

She can’t face her feelings that someone younger would like a widow, especially since she’s had no-one look after her.

(Rokka might need a walking stick at this rate)

After coming across Hazuki, Rokka tells him that Atsushi was her first and only love. She’s never dated anyone else before, and that’s why she’s awkward.

(Atsushi convinces Rokka, that Price Charming was a younger man than Cinderella)

The episode ends with Atsushi listening to all this.

Overall, this episode dragged.Maybe I wasn’t in the mood to have a lot of talking thrown at me, or maybe the characters just didn’t do anything.

It’s a fairly small cast, so when one of them is taken to a fantasy world, and has to answer philosophical questions, I just zone out.

Atsushi still hasn’t owned up to the fact that he’s taken over Hazuki’s body. Would anyone actually believe him? His actions are going to lead to character angst in the next couple of episodes… and that’s a good way to lose me over a series.

Well, watch this space.

Rated – 2.5/5 Struggles to make progress. Hazuki’s lost somewhere. Atsushi and Rokka aren’t confronting their issues.

See the next episode!

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