Music: Tomohisa Yamashita – LOVE CHASE – Single Review

“Don’t run away, come here…”

Artists: Tomohisa Yamashita

Age: April 9, 1985 (age 27)

Genre: JPop, Dance

Released: 4th July 2012

You know when a song is so ridiculously catchy that it stays in your head for days? You watch the video and the ridiculous-awesomeness of it hits you?

Tomohisa Yamashita’s song, a.k.a Yamapi’s, Love Chase, is about a guy battling with his inner-selves about a girl.

See below for previews:



Known for both his acting and music career, he’s been a creditable addition to the Jpop and JDrama industry. With an impressive resume of drama roles, and having written songs for other singers, he’s clearly talented.

In the original Promotional Video, you get to see hilarious CG, rapping, and three Yamapi’s superimposed on each other.

Maybe it threatened people’s sanity, because that video was later removed. Luckily the song, and dance moves, live on…


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