News: Princess Jellyfish Collector’s Edition DVD Box Set Release Date

“Mum, I’m sorry I didn’t turn out to be a princess..”

Studio: Brain’s Base

Genre: Josei, Romance, Drama, Age: Adult

Released: 3rd September 2012  (US version)

There’s something magical about this series, which follows an unattractive, shy girl. Living in a house full of otaku nuns, Tsukimi meets a charismatic young woman, who turns out to be bored cross-dresser Kuranosuke. Their lives start filling up fashionable teens, tenacious property developers, and lots of jellyfish.

The full season is being released by Manga Entertainment with a soft plushie of Clara. Sadly, this is DVD-only for UK fans, and as far I know, the English dub isn’t included.

A pre-order of this item is available from Amazon, with limited stock.

Personally, I wanted to purchase this very much, however only the Japaneses dub is available. The lack of blu-ray also hurts.

Update: See pictures of the box set here.

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  1. Rose

     /  August 30, 2012

    I’m pretty sure the dub is included, in case you don’t know yet :-). Looking forward to getting this on dvd.


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