Anime: Digimon Frontier – Episode 13 Summary

“This story sure sounds familiar…”

(“What do you mean we have more walking to do?!”)

Studio: Toei Animation

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Age: All ages

Released: April 1, 2001 – March 31, 2002

From the last episode, the digidestined finally reach the Forest Terminal. Finding out that there’s no Trailmon parked there waiting to take them home, they decide to walk onwards a bit more. Eventually the path takes them through a route exposed part by part with their digi-vices.

Reaching a crystal palace, they are met at the door by Sorcermon. He is reluctant to let humans come into the palace, but then he realises that they have been led by the voice of Ophanimon, the woman’s voice in their digi-vices.

(Smart clothes only. You have to look dashing like Sorcermon.)

Meanwhile, Grumblemon is leading the Evil Legendary Warriors to the forest terminal. They plan on destroying the digidestined.

(And I would walk 500 miles~#)

The kids learn that a long time ago Lucimon was an evil digimon that was defeated by ten legendary warriors. After his reign, three digimon took over the world: Seraphimon, Ophanimon, and Cherubimon. The latter was corrupted by Lucimon, and almost destroyed the digital world.

Takuya frees Seraphimon, who had been trapped in a crystal by Cherubimon. Sorcermon is pleased to have his master back.

(Sorcermon asks for a promotion for his years of service.)

It’s a short-lived reunion when the Evil Legendary Warriors make their entrance. Their plan to defeat Seraphimon is clear.

(Dance choreography really showed in the digidestined’s battle plans)

Apart from Grumblemon, the new Evil Legendary Warriors are Arbormon, Ranamon and Mercurymon.

(Sailor Moon villain reject Ranamon is testy)

Everyone, except Zoe, digivolves into their Spirit forms. The boys are ready for a long fight.

(And a 1… 2… 3.. Fight!)

However, the Evil Warriors turn out to be really tough. They get in a lot of hits, and now escape seems to only option.

(“So it be a dance-off you is wanting? Grumblemon accept.”)

The gang back up and try to make their escape. Seraphimon is hit by a strike from Mercurymon. His fractal code is exposed, and the Evil Warriors seem ready to finish the job.

Just as Seraphimon turns into an egg, Zoe rushes forward and grabs him.

(Getting killed after waking up from a coma of decades… must be some kind of record…)

Everyone escape out of a back tunnel on a waiting Trailmon. Sorcermon hangs back to delay the Evil Legendary Warriors, but his demise is imminent.

The Evil Warriors can’t catch up to the digidestined, but this fight is long from over.

See the next episode!

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