TV: The Newsroom – Episode 4 Summary + Review

“A doctor declares her dead, not the news!”

(Like moth to a flame, Will meets Daytime TV)

Airing on: Sky

Genre: Drama, Politics, Romance, Age: Adult

Released: 24th June 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, at a 2011 New Year’s party, Will ends up talking to Nina Howard. When it turns out she’s the writer of a gossip column, he tried to “civilise her” by suggesting that her work is mean and petty. Meanwhile, during the party, Jim is working overtime when Don manages to set him up with Maggie’s roommate.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




After his humiliation with Nina Howard, Will goes out with a separate date per night. All of this adds to his infamy and the tabloids start printing articles about his behavior.

Will tries to defend his position but Charlie tell him that he has to tone it down otherwise he’ll be kicked off the air by Leona, Chairman of ACN.

(Charlie, and all of America, know about Will’s “relationships”)

Maggie’s struggling with her feelings for Jim, which are more entangled now that her roommate is involved. It turns out that Jim has been seeing her whilst lying to Maggie.

(“Don’t you feel any jealousy, now I’m with your roommate? You can admit it now…”)

When a Tuscon Congressmen gets shot, Will sticks to his policy of not lying like the other news. He is supported by Don.

His “mission to civilise” pays off when the other news channels are reporting the Congressmen dead, and ACN has confirmed that she’s alive.

Overall, this episode manages to combine a lot of information into an hour. Several relationships flay under scrutiny, the most interesting is probably AnyWoman-Will-MacKenzie triangles.

Neal’s constant racket about Big Foot was unnecessary. Personally, I wouldn’t have minded hearing it in full, just once, but as several characters interrupt him, he repeats it many times. It makes you hate Big Foot really.

Rated 3/5 – Heading towards episodic news content. Relationships are a stand-off.

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