Music: Ayumi Hamasaki – Party Queen – Album Review

“Party Queen Reminds Me How Beautiful You Are”

Artists: Ayumi Hamasaki

Age: October 2, 1978 (age 33)

Genre: JPop, JRock

Released: 21st March 2012

Party Queen is Ayumi Hamasaki’s thirteenth album, one of her rare albums that didn’t chart at number 1 after being released.

Apart from the abhorrent album covers, the album is a mess of forgettable tracks, rocky screeches and stilted rapping. Party Queen, NaNaNa and Shake it suffer from what I like to call “Madonna syndrome”.

As in, you’re old now, you don’t have to sit quietly and sip tea, but have some dignity! The amount of “partying” that Ayu is trying to convey seems too forced.

This isn’t Ayu’s best work, but ups and downs have become a regular part of her career. She still holds her own against other singers.

See below for album previews:




The tracks Letter and call remind me of some of the mellower songs from the NEXT LEVEL album. While the songs reminds me and Return Road feels like leftovers from Rock n’ Roll Circus album. For caterwauling, I suggest the next LOVE and Eyes, Smoke, Magic, but maybe they were intentionally quirky? I can only hope…

A steller track is Tell me why, which probably wouldn’t be as great in her other albums, but holds a sense of coherence amongst the madness. The sole single released, how beautiful you are is a nice ballad. Bland, but nice.


how beautiful you are

1. Party Queen
2. NaNaNa
3. Shake It
4. Taskebab
5. Call
6. Letter
7. Reminds Me
8. Return Road
9. Tell Me Why
10. A Cup of Tea
11. The Next Love
12. Eyes, Smoke, Magic
13. Serenade in A Minor
14. How Beautiful You Are

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