Anime: Tari Tari – Episode 5 Summary + Review

“Let’s write a song together…”

(It should be impossible to hold maracas without shaking them)

Studio: P.A.Works

Genre: School, Music, Slice of Life, Age: All ages

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, the group are cheering Taichi in a badminton tournament. Konatsu heads up the cheerleading with an enthusiastic Wien and Sawa.

Wakana is the only one not in the mood for a cheerful atmosphere. She heads off home early, to the surprise of everyone.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Despite Taichi’s squad cheering him on, and including a very shakily animated dance, Taichi comes eight in the tournament.

(Taichi finally gets to play against an opponent)

He’s contemplating his next steps, when Sawa comforts him.

(And there you have it folks, Taichi+Sawa is born!)

On the way home, Wakana runs into Shiho, Sawa’s mum.

Shiho shows Wakana a picture of Wakana’s mother from High School.

(Looking at your parents before they ever had you… weird.)

Wakana is nostalgic about her mother. She was never told that her mother was ill, because of being concerned about her exams, to the point that she refused to sing with her mum.

(You don’t want to sing? What if this was your last chance?)

Wakana confronts her room where memories of her mum are still strong.

(The piano will never fit in those boxes…)

Wakana remembers that her mum used to play the piano enthusiastically.

Having being told that “music will will follow you after exams”, she sets her mother’s priorities straight.

(“Mum, I think I need 20 fingers to play this…”)

Even older is the memory of Wakana enjoying music with her mother. They were both happy.


When Wakana feels like she’s more mature than her mum, it riles her. On the day of her exam, her mum is cheering her on, despite being ill.

Wakana doesn’t know the state of her mum’s health, and she leaves in an angry huff, without saying goodbye.

(You can never be wished too much luck, Wakana)

During the exam, she is pulled out by a teacher, to let her know that her mum is in hospital. Wakana realises that her mum has died, and she never got to say anything to her.

They never sang together.

(Wakana-Mommy-Huggu…. the last one…)

The episode ends wih Wakana removing everything with her mum’s memory out of her room.

Whether it was for the best or not, remains unknown.

Overall, this episode gets into the meaty reasons why Wakana doesn’t sing. It’s a stark contrast between the happy, giddy group that hang out together, and Wakana’s solemn thoughts.

Regret is a very powerful emotion, and this episode was so human in pulling emotions. I think every person watching could relate to what had happened with Wakana and her mum.

It definitely pushed up the quality of human drama in this series.

Rated 4.5/5 Great look into Wakana’s past.

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