Anime: Sword Art Online – Episode 4 Summary + Review

“Beast Virtual Necromancy”

(Everyone in Sword Art loves glowing Doritos)

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Genre: Game, MMO, Fantasy, Sc-Fi, Age: 13+

Released: 6th July 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Silica ran away from her own guild when they refused to acknowledge her as an important player. Her arrogance costs her dearly when she runs into some monsters. Kirito rescues the young Beast Tamer from near-death.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Kirito comes too late to save her Silica’s Beast. To revive Pino, he suggests going to Hill of Memories. The only problems is that Silica is too low-level and the time limit is three days.

Kirito promises to help her out.

(Don’t cry, all Beasts go to heaven… )

Back at the Floor 35 town, they run into Rosalia, the main reason Silica left her guild. Rosalia makes some comments about Silica dragging other people into her problems.

(Rosalia wants to spread that Silica’s only her chest-height.. you know..)

Kirito hold fast to his promise, and gets Silica to Floor 47.

….It’s a couple’s paradise.

After the initial embarrassment, Silica runs into more trouble as the monsters are tougher than what she’s used to. Kirito’s loaned armour helps her out, and she holds her own, giving her a big boost in confidence.

(Silica’s more embarrassed by being a peeping tom)

After explaining that Silica reminds Kirito of his sister, the two get on much better.

At Hill of Memories, Silica takes the Pneuma Flower. It can revive Pino, but it’s better to do it where they’ll have no interruptions.

(Now, mix this flower with the heart-feather of your dead Beast..)

As if on cue, Rosalia appears. She’s an angry player that likes to hunt down and kill other players. With Sword Art’s death-in-real-life policy, this is pretty horrifying.

(Prepare for trouble…)

Ignoring Silica’s cries, Kirito jumps in and lets him self be attacked by the orange players (they’ve already killed players, green players haven’t). The gang can’t lay a scratch on Kirito, and everyone realises just how powerful he really is.

(… Make it septuple!)

After capturing Rosalie, Kirito sends them all to jail. They can rot there for a long time.

(Rosalie doesn’t want to test the death-theory now)

In the safety of an inn, Silica revives Pino. She’s happy with the day’s outcome, and Kirito also feels closer to someone in this online world.

(Handy menu system for necromancy. Pino will squeak again!)

Overall, this episode was so amazing. Kirito’s softer side was definitely more appealing than the abandoning act he’s been pulling. Silica was also needed to add the right touch of sweetness. She’s weak, but she’s not helpless, and is willing to fight by herself.

I also liked that romance isn’t played up given Silica’s age. In fact, Kirito thinks of her as a little sister. Luckily, Silico feels likewise. Hopefully, she will return in later episodes.

My one criticism is that the viewer doesn’t get to see Kirito’s progress. He just awesomely-cool when other people need help.

Rated – 4.5/5 Perfectly formed mini-story-arc. Kirito’s cool and warm at the same time.

See the next episode!

See the previous episode!

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