Music: Girl’s Generation (SNSD) – Paparazzi – Single Review

“Life is a party”

Artists: Girl’s Generation (SNSD)

Active: 2007 – onwards

Genre: KPop, Jpop

Released: 27th June 2012

Girl’s Generation is a girl-group I initially came to notice from vicious parodies. Competing in a saturated market full of boyband fan-girls, they’ve earned their anti-fans.

They’re better known for their cute-girl image, which I’m not a fan of, but Paparazzi (no relation to Gaga’s version) sung in Japanese, is too catchy to resist. Each girl gets her chance to sing a couple of lines, though their voices mesh together so well, you wouldn’t notice anyone in particular.

It’s amusing that the despite the stage version of the music video being the biggest, most expensive and most varied in their career, I prefer the dance version, which shows more choreography.

 See the video below:




As a side note: Girl’s Generation’s Japanese songs sound more natural than some of the other auto-tuned offerings from Kpop-trans-Jpop singers.

Is this a case of having better understanding of languages, or that they have separate country careers and songs?


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