Anime: Natsuyuki Rendezvous – Episode 4 Summary + Review

“Can’t give flowers to a flower-shop owner… or can you?”

( Rokka won the intense finale, for the Most Stupid Hat competition, with a bucket.)

Studio: Dogakobo

Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Josei, Age: 13+

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the last episode, Rokka and Hazuki are finally on their date to Hanayashiki, an amusement park. Hazuki has inside knowledge from Miho that it’s the place where Rokka was happiest, but Rokka is lost in her own thoughts. Is this really a date?

Warning! May contain Spoilers!




After hanging out at some locations and eating together, Hazuki feels loosened up, but Rokka is being stiff. She insists that there’s nothing wrong.

(Trying new food is always fun, but not with someone watching)

Rokka’s thoughts are with the previous time that she was at Hanayashiki, with Atsushi. He wasn’t a great companion on rides, or at all in noisy places, but she misses his presence.

(Atsushi wonders if he locked the back door…)

On a sky ride, to counter Rokka’s distance, Hazuki builds himself up to a romantic moment, which shocks Rokka more than seduces her. Just when she’s about to respond, the ride comes to an end.

(Hazuki’s might propose if Rokka won’t convince him she’s paying attention)

Rokka breaks down in tears over her lack of preference for Hazuki, when he’s clearly enthralled by her. She thinks it’s unfair to deserve so much attention.

Hazuki is wondering how to get more attention, and how to make Rokka laugh like in the picture Miho showed him.

(Brain freeze!)

A blunt question sends her into giggles, and Hazuki relaxes. She won’t sleep with him, but he feels that he’s broken some kind of barrier.

(Ladies, don’t fart on a date, but if you should, laugh it off!)

After the stress of the long date, he gets himself drunk before heading to the flower shop where Rokka is waiting.

(Hazuki’s dating prowess depletes with the loss of his hat..)

His drunk state makes him agree to let Atsushi posses his body. There’s no gaurantee of whether Hazuki will ever get it back, but Atasuhi takes this chance.

(Atsushi, wearing a lovely gown, possesses the now hat-les Hazuki)

After finding out that he is indeed flesh and blood for the second time in his life, Atsushi breaks down with emotion. Rokka is shocked at what-she-think-is-Hazuki’s behaviour.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger…

(“Huh? What’s this about locking the back door?” Rokka is confused)

Overall, the first half of the episode has incredibly slow progress. Hazuki and Rokka appear too uncomfortable with each other to banter.

Hazuki’s inner comments are more interesting that what he says aloud. Rokka appears to be as silent and immovable as rock to Hazuki, but her flashbacks are also interesting.

Atsushi was the hidden gem, and definitely ended the episode on a surreal and thoughtful note.

How will he handle Hazuki’s body?

Will Rokka recognise her late husband or will she think it’s a cruel trick?

Will Atsushi give the body back as promised?

The next episode can’t come soon enough!

Rated – 3.5/5 Atsushi comes to life. Hazuki makes Rokka laugh. But, Rokka is still crying per episode.

See the next episode!

See the previous episode!

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