Anime: Digimon Frontier – Episode 12 Summary

“I’ll burn down the whole forest!”

(Fire, ready. Meat, ready. Now… friend-barbeque.)

Studio: Toei Animation

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Age: All ages

Released: April 1, 2001 – March 31, 2002

From the last episode’s cliffhanger, BurningGreymon a.k.a Takuya is out of control. He’s attacking his friends.

Even with Kouji as KendoGarurumon, there’s no stopping him. Is Takuya still in there?

The collateral damage piles high when BurningGreymon destroys a forest by accident. There’s no way the digidestined could have stopped a fire, but they still feel pretty bad.

BurningGreymon is getting away, causing damage, all the while.

(“You might want to give that a few minutes more, Beetlemon”)

Tommy thinks of his helplessness. He remembers being younger and not being able to help his friends when they were bullied. He remembers that Takuya stood up for him when he wasn’t himself (episode 9).

(Tommy feels sorry for his friends being beat up whilst looking on)

Tommy tries to talk to Takuya about turning back to himself. It’s a pretty close call when Takuya looks like he doesn’t recognise Tommy at all, but eventually he comes to his senses.

(Behold! The new king is born!)

Looking back, Takuya is fearful that he could have crushed Tommy without even thinking. He vows that he’ll be careful with BurningGreymon and put him away.

(Takuya will do his best to win this tournament— err save the Digital World)

As the group travel through the undamaged part of the forest, they get trapped in quicksand. The group can’t move, and only Takuya and Tommy are free.

(Zoe appreciates mud baths, but J.P is worried about the state of his underwear)

When Grumblemon shows up, it’s up to Takuya as the only person free who can digivolve to defeat him. He doesn’t have much of a chance, and Grumblemon tests this by kidnapping Tommy.

(Takuya’s truce is that Gigasmon can have Tommy, but he has to stop bothering them)

Takuya breaks his vow and switches to BurningGreymon to rescue Tommy from Gigasmon. He can’t hurt Gigasmon while they’re in the forest, in case he sets fire to it again.

(“Well, he wouldn’t have thrown you if he wanted you”)

As Agunimon, Takuya makes Gigasmon follow him to the outskirts of the forest, where there aren’t any trees. Then, transforming into BurningGreymon, Gigasmon is given a burst of fire attacks.

(Beans beans, good for the heart. The more you eat, the more you f—-)

Gigasmon is within the edge of his fractal code, and Tommy manages to snatch Tommy’s Spirit back, but is too slow to grab Zoe’s before Gigasmon gets away.

(Takuya chooses not to grab two Spirits despite having two hands…)

Grumblemon comes back to his hideout where we learn that there are more dark legendary warriors. Surely one was enough?

(Is this Digimon or Power Rangers? …Maybe it’s just Japan…)

How will the digidestined handle this?

See the next episode!

See the previous episode!

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