Anime: Tari Tari – Episode 4 Summary + Review

“Blue skies, music and singing”

(If you wolf-whistle one more time…..)

Studio: P.A.Works

Genre: School, Music, Slice of Life, Age: All ages

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

Continuing on from the last episode, the group are practicing at the beach for their spot at the International Music showcase. The two old musicians from before turn out to be a one-hit wonder group called Condor Queens that Konatsu remembers from her childhood. Feeling very star-struck and nostalgic, she offers them her group’s spot at the showcase.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




They also know Sakai because her mother made their hit song with them called “Amigo Amigo”. Sakai has vague memories about the song.

(Sakai’s blast from the past…)

Konatsu wants to hang out with the musicians so much that she skips practice!

When she suggests that everyone skip, Sawa loses her patience. She accuses Konatsu of not taking the choir club seriously.

(Konatsu’s idea of a bonfire on stage didn’t add up)

The rest of the choir are at school practicing in the music room, even though they don’t have a spot to perform anymore.

(Wien had to pay for windows damaged by his “falsetto”)

Konatsu is in a panic after realising that she won’t get her group’s showcase spot back. As a last resort, she tries getting a shop to take the choir group as their singers.

It turns out that Sakai’s already asked them, and they agreed!

(You lose one stalker, you gain another…)

The Condor Queens perform “Amigo Amigo” to a cheering crowd at the beach.

(The Condor Queens lost half their body weight in sweat)

Meanwhile, the choir club’s spot is too far away for lots of people to want to come. They perform for a small, but appreciative crowd, and their effort pays off.

(“Aloha hoi~#”)

Overall, this episode delves more into the mechanics of the choir club’s ambitions. Konatsu seems to be gearing towards fun, whereas Sakai and Sawa are clearly more serious. The boys are just tagging along, but they’re also putting effort into singing.

It didn’t reveal much about their families, even though various members keep popping up to converse with the characters. It’s still nice to know that this anime has a populated world, and not just a five-member cast.

I hope to see more of Wien’s and Taichi’s characters expanded in future episodes. They seem to be in the background.

As a side note: I remember the Condor Queens being mentioned in episode 2, and the song that Konatsu and Sawa sang was one of theirs!

Rated 4/5 Character-driven, with developing ambitions. Enjoyable effort towards the music showcase.

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