Anime: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Mankind has Declined) – Episode 4 Summary + Review

“Honey! I’m trapped in a manga!”

(A potplant! Shocking!)

Studio: AIC A.S.T.A

Genre: Surreal, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Age: 13+

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

Continuing on from the last episode, The Mediator and Y are stuck inside a manga panel. After having a quick look around, they also come across The Assistant. They have each other in a purely empty world, and somehow the fairies are to blame…

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Y realises that to pass from panel to panel, you have to get a sound effect. The easiest one is obviously “shock”, everything is surprising them at the moment. But after a while that gets old, so they have to put more effort into their plot and surroundings. This involves acting out various roles.

(Fighting over the next plot-point. Y usually wins…)

As they progress from panel to panel, The Mediator realises that they can draw anything in this world… including a door backwards.

(This world is a nightmare if you can’t draw.)

The fairies are definitely behind this: they are now editors! Selling this as the most interesting manga is their game, and they have no clue to how to let the humans leave. All The Mediator has is their goal of getting to the top of the manzine charts.

(“We shed wu hap to fight to the deas!”)

With some gimmick-y acting from Y, this appears to be easy.

(They’d have got to the top sooner, but this manga has no fanservice…)

Manga audiences however, are very fickle and the group soon find themselves losing popularity in the ratings. Eventually, they’re left as vague penciled in drawings.

(Ever feel pale and washed out? Well, you might be a failing manga artist..)

The group fall to their doom into the abyss of forgotten manga. When the Mediator reaches the bottom… she realises that it was all a dream. With the fairies involved though, it was probably all too real.

(“It was probably something I ate…?”)

Overall, this episode continues the cleverness set by the previous episode. I loved that they were stuck in an actual manga, and Y used her manga layout techniques to get to group progressed. If you didn’t know your manga marketing and campaigns, well this is a crash course.

The only bad thing about the episode was the ending.. she just wakes up on the desk and manga book had magically disappeared. It would have been so much cooler if she’d found and kept the story Y had created.

Rated – 4/5 Still going strong. The three characters are amazing.

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