TV: The Newsroom – Episode 2 Summary + Review

“I hid under the bed!”

(Maggie needs some courage..)

Airing on: Sky

Genre: Drama, Politics, Romance, Age: Adult

Released: 24th June 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, the series continues with the team trying to build a better news show. MacKenzie suggests having an impartial, insightful and contextual content in the news, rather than sensationalism.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




On the topic of immigration bill that is about to be passed by the White Office, the news team have to find sources that will give opinions and facts for both sides of the argument. Maggie is in charge of finding good references, but she manages to offend one of them, leading to a very biased-looking argument. In a panic, she must now find replacements just 90 minutes from the airing!

When she finds inadequate sources to interview, Jim takes the blame for her, whilst MacKenzie takes the blame for Jim, and Will is furious. Maggie thinks that Will might fire someone, and MacKenzie tries to convince the office that Will is actually a nice guy. She accidentally ends up sending an email declaring that she was the one who cheated when they were together.

(Everyone’s expression before Will became a psychopath and brought out his chainsaw)

Will is furious at this leak, but has the news to deliver before he can truly hash out his anger on MacKenzie. The sources that would be interviewed live turn out to be hilariously racist and ignorant. In desperation, to improve ratings with the Conservative viewers, Will gives polite air-time to Sarah Palin.

When the news is over, Will forgives MacKenzie and says that he’s in for the long haul, and he will give her plan a try.

Overall, this was a really meaty episode. It explored more relationships between the characters and the tension between the angry moments were superbly acted out. MacKenzie herself was a much more powerful character, and had more aggressive dialogue. I felt that it was refreshing that she cheated on Will, rather than the other way around, which is fairly common in drama. It grounded that idea that Will is indeed a nice guy, even if he doesn’t do things in public.

I loved the rising tension between Jim, Maggie and Don, which is moving at a rapid pace. Jim already knows he has feeling for Maggie (it’s only the second episode!), but he won’t admit that to himself. Don proves himself a suitably aggressive and manipulative boyfriend.

Overall, I thought this was tighter than the first episode. A lot more information was compressed into it, and there were some good moments that made me laugh aloud.

Rated 4/5 – Character development is fast paced. Hilarious conversations. Good news knowledge introduction.

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