Purchased: The Submission

“…the claims of grief, and the ambiguities of art…”

Author: Amy Waldman

Genre: Modern, Drama, Age: All ages

Released: 5th July 2012 (UK version)

I don’t tend to read modern-age related fiction, so this book didn’t initially catch my eye. I was looking for something “fresh” to explore, something away from the High Fantasy that I read. I realised that giving any recently released book would give me the change I needed.

This book explores the link between the memorial for the 9/11 bombings and the Muslim architect that designed it. It explores the controversy and the emotions that was behind this procedure.

It clearly states that this is a fictional story, but sometimes fiction is more powerful than truth. I’m looking forward to reading this powerful scope of a book.


A jury gathers in Manhattan to select a memorial for the victims of a devastating terrorist attack. Their fraught deliberations complete, the jurors open the envelope containing the anonymous winner’s name – and discover he is an American Muslim. Instantly they are cast into roiling debate about the claims of grief, the ambiguities of art, and the meaning of Islam.

The memorial’s designer is Mohammad Khan, an enigmatic, ambitious architect. His fiercest defender on the jury is its sole widow, the mediagenic Claire Burwell. But when the news of his selection leaks to the press, Claire finds herself under pressure from outraged family members and in collision with hungry journalists, wary activists, opportunistic politicians, fellow jurors, and Khan himself.

All will bring the emotional weight of their own histories to bear on the urgent question of how to remember, and understand, a national tragedy.


This book’s RRP is £7.99, published by Windmill Books, at 416 pages.

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