Anime: Sword Art Online – Episode 3 Summary + Review

“High Level Monster”

(Sachi feels the effects of what she ate last night…)

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Genre: Game, MMO, Fantasy, Sc-Fi, Age: 13+

Released: 6th July 2012 – onwards

From the previous episode, Kirito joins the Guild of the Black Cats at Floor 20. Keita is the charismatic leader and he’s been managing his guild pretty well so far. It seems natural to extend the invitation to Kirito, as he’s a sole player.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Inside the guild, everyone seems happy with their own position within the fighting, but Sachi is really unsure about her new position at the front.

(Kirito needs a tattoo saying “bad luck” somewhere)

She’s scared about being killed in battle, but hides it well in public. Kirito reassures her that he won’t let harm come to her, and that the rest of the guild won’t either.

(Personal-crying-time is difficult when your footsteps can be tracked…)

The guild has become so prosperous that Keita has enough money to buy a house. The members try to get some experience from a dungeon at Floor 27, instead of Floor 20.

They run into a battle and they can’t escape using their crystals. The rest of the guild die one by one, and Kirito is left to fend for himself. He manages to survive the battle because of his level.

(The Black Cats break down into a dancing flash mob)

When he breaks the news to Keita, the remaining member of the Guild, Keita commits suicide.

Kirito is left alone again.

The episode skips forward to when Kirito is on floor 47 (a long time away!), and it’s Christmas Eve. There’s a special boss that will allow players to revive the dead. Unfortunately, other guilds have heard this rumour too.

Kirito runs into Klein (from episode 1), and whilst Klein holds another guild off, Kirito runs to find the boss.

(Klein’s “Yoo-hoo” caused an avalanche)

The boss is defeated by Kirito. The battle isn’t actually shown, but I assume that he didn’t have much trouble..

(Special Edition Santa: Squeeze him to make the eyes pop out )

Still feeling pretty depressed, Kirito gives the item to Klein. It can only be used within 10 seconds of the person dying, otherwise the nerve equipment, in the real world, will already have fried the player’s brain.

(This item causes you  to shrink two feet…)

It’s a lonely Christmas Eve for Kirito, but he receives a message from Sachi, thanking him.

(This message is like an email you can’t retrieve..)

Overall, this episode was more character driven, you’re introduced to a lot more people. They all die within half of the episode though, so it’s not great staying power for them!

However, interactions were good, and Sachi was a sweet character, who actually died…? She is in the opening credits, so I was pretty sure Kirito would save her, somehow.

Remember what I said about charismatic characters dying, in the previous episode review? Well… that seems to be coming true. Luckily Klein is still alive. He’s doing well too!

I really, really hope that “dying in game world = dying in real world” is just a hoax. It’s going to be a pretty depressing ending when/if Kirito comes out of Sword Art and many players are just… gone.

It’ll really put people off video games, to say the least…

Rated – 4/5 Emotionally charged, battle-ready, and sweet. (Christmas in July!)

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  1. Errant Princess

     /  July 22, 2012

    I was so bummed out when Sachi died, too. Especially because she talked about fearing death and was kind of cowardly about fighting. Poor Sachi RIP.


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