Anime: Natsuyuki Rendezvous – Episode 3 Summary + Review

“Lend me your body! I’ll give it back, promise…”

(Atsushi suggests rock, paper, scissors for Rokka)

Studio: Dogakobo

Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Josei, Age: 13+

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the last episode, Rokka’s still suffering from a fever. In her dreams, she remembers when she was young and hung out with Atsushi. Hazuki realises that he’ll always be second place, but he blames Atsushi for not letting Rokka move on.

Warning! May contain Spoilers!




Hazuki has devised a new plan for dealing with Atsushi’s interferences: the cold shoulder.

(Hazuki offers to serve Rokka until she gets better)

He’s cosying up to Rokka, and Atsushi, although unable to talk to or touch anyone, creates an earthquake. This is limited to the near vicinity to Hazuki, and throws some items at Hazuiki’s head!

(Earthquakes are caused by ghost tumbling: they don’t teach you that at school!)

Atsushi comes up with a new plan: posses Hazuki’s body for a few moments so that he can talk to Rokka. He promises to give it back, but naturally, Hazuki is suspicious if he’ll ever get it back.

Apparently, permission is required before one can be possessed, so Hazuki ignores Atsushi’s pleading and heads out to lunch with Miho.

(Atsushi doesn’t actually need stairs…)

Atsushi’s sister, and Rokka’s sister-in-law, discusses how strange and cold her late brother could be. She shows Hazuki a picture of how happy they were when they hung out years before.

(Miho never realised she was a third wheel)

Taking inspiration from the picture, Hazuki asks Rokka out to the same theme park that she and Atsushi went to years ago.

(Hazuki offers tickets to the lottery. If they win it’s a whole new anime!)

Rokka breaks down in tears and is apologetic. She can’t explain why to Hazuki, but both men seem to think they’ve stepped on a sore subject.

(Hazuki seems to be annoyed at the frequent crying. Good thing this anime is on rails…)

Overall, this episode keeps the flow of the story going, however I thought that the character interactions were more forced and they didn’t move forward as much as they should have.

Atsushi is still the most interesting character, and his animations are so vivid and emotional. Especially, compared to Hazuki’s sleepy-looking face.

Rokka is becoming more damsel-like with each episode, so hopefully she’ll get a moment to display her assertiveness soon. She does run an independent shop as a widow, after all!

As an interesting note, some moments made me wonder what kind of ghost Atsushi was. When he rolls and tumbles into the air, his hair moves! He seems to have a sense of gravity. Then there’s the huffing and sighing: he has lungs? Well, I guess I shouldn’t look too much into it, it’s a work of fiction, after all.

Rated – 4/5 Slower episode pace, but still good character development.

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  1. You make a good point about the ghost, how does his hair move?


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