Anime: Digimon Frontier – Episode 10 Summary

“One spirit lost and another gained..”

(Kouji needs practice giving proper piggy-back rides..)

Studio: Toei Animation

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Age: All ages

Released: April 1, 2001 – March 31, 2002

From the last episode, Kouji follows instructions from his digivice and wanders away from the group. Bokomon and Neemon follow him, even though he doesn’t want them around.

They come across a Gotsumon, who are known for being child-like. Asking for directions to the Forest Terminal from the Gotsumon doesn’t work. He’s too pre-occupied with getting “the third eye” that will give him a Beast Spirit.

(Staring contest with a rock..? Why not!)

Grumblemon, who is in the area, attacks the rest of the Gotsumon community. Kouji digivolves to Lobomon to try and defeat him. Naturally he isn’t a match for Grumblemon’s evolved form; Gigasmon.

(Gigasmon proving himself to be big, bad and ugly..)

Kouji is defeated, and Gotsumon take him back to his rock village to be cared for. He spots the “third eye”, in a chasm made by Gigasmon.

(Gotsumon, a rock digimon, play hide-and-seek in a rock village)

Meanwhile, Takuya and the rest of the group Spirit digivolve to attack Grumblemon. they’re still not powerful enough.

(The digi-destined combine powers to create Captain Planet)

In the battle, Kazemon is defeated and Grumblemon takes her Spirit as his prize. She is now the only one of the digi-destined to lose their ability to digivolve.

(Zoe realises her digivice battery is now empty, and not a charger in sight!)

Lobomon also comes close to losing his Spirit to the ever-stronger Gigasmon, however Gotsumon distracts Gigasmon.

(Hula-hooping with fractal code, the newest craze!)

Kouji puts the “third eye” into place and evolves into his Beast form.

(“Uh, oh. Ten missed calls from Mom”)

KendoGarurumon is a difficult beat to control. Gigasmon sences a weakness and is about to destroy him, when luckily, KendoGarurumon pushes him off a cliff.

(KendoGarurumon: so fresh he needs training wheels!)

Gigasmon falls into the ocean, taking Zoe’s Spirit ability, an the rest of the fractale code.

(“Heeelp meeee! — Oh wait… I’m the baddie…”)

Everyone is relieved at having defeated him, but it came at a grave cost.

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