Anime: Binbougami ga! – Episode 3 Summary + Review

“I can pay you to be happy…”

(Momiji finds her old eraser from school)

Studio: Sunrise

Genre: Surreal, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Age: 13+

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the last episode, Momiji is being crafty in draining Sakura’s fortune. She’s using her little-elephant-teapot-thing to drain the excess good fortune from the air, because of her own bad fortune. Sakura, of course, won’t stand for this nonsense, and thus begins any episode of mayhem..

This episode contains material not suitable for younger viewers!

At school, Sakura realises that the epitome of High School life is being a couple. Having no-one that she’s interested in, she plans on randomly picking a guy, but again, fortune throws someone her way.

(Why do shoujo bubbles appear, every time you are near…)

The guy sitting on the desk next to her turns out be dashing, and Sakura’s already dreaming of Prince Charming and a castle!

(Sakura may have found her match in love, but the opposite in luck!)

The reality isn’t the same however. When she goes to return the student card that Keita dropped, she finds out he’s actually really poor.

(“Your wallet has no money, you can have it back..”)

He works during the night to pay for his family of five, because their parents ran away after getting themselves into debt.

(Awkward dinner conversations always start with “why are you so poor”)

Sakura deliberates inside herself to find sympathy and comes up with a negative. After grossly offering Keita’s family money, she gets kicked out of the house.

(Keita finds out hitting with money is a really poor shot)

Feeling that she got mishandled, Sakura offers to buy Keita’s younger brother a collectable card. Naturally with her fortune, she picks the rarest one!

(Yu-Gi-Oh cards are popular, even in other anime!)

Keita’s younger brother is so enthralled with the card, that when he drops it into the sewers, he follows and gets lost.

(Getting a card back from the sewers has other issues, besides getting lost)

Keita asks around if anyone has seen his brother and eventually pieces something together about a card and Sakura.

(Sakura is no competition to the legions of fangirls Keita now has..)

With Momiji’s help, Sakura manages to late Keita’s younger brother and even rescues him! Keita is grateful and Sakura feels a human moment.

(“No way am I giving you CPR, you’ve been in the sewers! We’ll wait for your brother…”)

Overall, this episode was really warm and charming. Sakura gets a lot more depth as a person. You can kind of appreciate that she’s been lonely for a lot of years and find the concept of being poor and sharing very strange.

Keita is also a nice character. I’m not sure if he features in the next episode, but he has an interesting family situation that should be shown more.

Momiji, sadly, is in much of the background, and Bobby the Priest gets one second right at the beginning. Hopefully they’ll get more screen time next episode.

Some people might think that episode follows a well-hashed plot. It’s nothing new, but the characters make it different.

Rated – 3.5/5  Enjoyable, funny and human, with some clever quips.

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