Anime: Tari Tari – Episode 3 Summary + Review

“The Choir Club capture music, fun and summer..”

(Who entered us in the bikini competition?)

Studio: P.A.Works

Genre: School, Music, Slice of Life, Age: All ages

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

Continuing on from the last episode, the group are are following their plans to make a choir club.

After the disaster of the last rehearsal, Konatsu wants “real” club members, and it’s not just because most of the entire choir members have quit.

When they’re down to the last three members, the choir club has to be disbanded…

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Sakai’s having trouble with a stalking foreigner after he helps her with her bike.

He seems to recognise her somewhere, but she thinks he’s going to scam her for money.

(“Hey, want to see a magic trick? Hold my pig first…”)

Taichi Tanaka has his own issues as the only member of the badminton club. His club is also at an end, and facing a competition soon, he’s on the hunt for new members.

He manages to drag Wien into his plans, but still needs three more people.

(Wien gets convinced stalking is part of Japanese culture)

Meanwhile, the local council is planning a music festival for the summer time, to attract tourists and make their local area more commercially prosperous.

(Maid cafe’s and cosplay are too obvious, let’s be different to other animes…)

Konatsu finds out about Taichi’s predicament, and gives him a solution: quit the badminton club and join the choir club instead.

When that fails, she challenges his to a bout instead. Three against one…

(Sawa, Sakai and Konstsu prepare to swat their new fanboys)

Or rather: Three against two.

Wien also wants to join in to defend the badminton club… and also to play his first match!

(The badminton club is in Wien’s baby hands….)

After a spectacular loss, Taichi thinks his badminton dreams are over.

(Taichi’s sadly contemplates a salesman’s career…)

Konatsu convinces him that joining their clubs might be the compromise they need. They can allow both activities to continue, and will have enough active members!

(“You can have the badminton club back… in my will!”)

The group is convinced that choir and badminton make the perfect team!

(Wien will suffer a terrible death-by-swatting for letting down the original badminton club)

The Mean Teacher seems to have other ideas.

Their proposal is rejected, but then salvaged by the Principal, who sees in it Sakai to be a great singer… like her mother!

(Konatsu brings her army to the school fights!)

The episode ends with three of the members, singing at an audition for the summer music festival. If they get this spot, they’ll get a lot more exposure for the choir group!

(“Yee-haw! International moosic for all!”)

Overall, I thought this was a great followup episode. The characters interact well, and are likable.

Taichi shows great promise as a character with a career goal: he wants to be a professional badminton player. The rest of the girls want to show their love for singing and music. I love the productivity of these characters, they keep trying to keep their club alive and have good values.

Also, for some reason, this episode just captures summer for me. It’s just anime, but there’s something so completely warm and charming about it.

Rated 4/5 Good plot, good ambitions and the developing characters. Many plot-lines that are finally beginning to draw together.

See the next episode!

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