Anime: Digimon Frontier – Episode 9 Summary

“Sweet nightmares to you…”

(Viridian Forest, where Ash catches a Caterpie?)

Studio: Toei Animation

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Age: All ages

Released: April 1, 2001 – March 31, 2002

From the last episode, the gang are all back together. They’re walking through a forest and have to camp in the dark for the night.

As they’re huddled around the fire, Takuya and Kouji contemplate about how they weren’t strong enough to defeat Grumblemon, even after all five kids Spirit Digivolved.

Bokomon finds a page in his book that explains how each of the children have the ability to digivolve a second time. Similar to Grumblemon (Episode 6), they have a Spirit Evolution and a Beast Evolution.

(Neemon chomps during the bedtime story)

Disheartened that there are still more spirits to find, the kids rest for a while.

As the moon hides behind a cloud, the forest is revealed to have hidden images inside the trees. They show the real world where the children come from.

(Sure it’s not HD, but TV-Trees are the next big thing!)

Whilst the other digi-destined see their local areas, Tommy sees his mother, waiting for him at the park where he used to play. He becomes homesick, and goes into a troubled sleep.

(Tommy clawing at his mum’s face on the screen… that’s not weird..)

Unknown to the children, a digimon is watching them.

Bakumon wants to let them sleep so he can replace their dreams with nightmares. Since Tommy is the closest, he’s the first one to be hit. Tommy dreams that his friends have turned against him.

(Magic Pictures: The Digimon edition!)

He sleep-digivolves into Kumamon, and attacks the others. Even after digivolving into Lobomon and Agunimon, Kouji and Takuya can’t defeat him.

(Kumamon’s gonna get a Jedi grounding.)

Agunimon figures out that Kouji is asleep, and defeats Bakumon, to stop the sleep-effect on Tommy.

It turns out that Bakumon was made evil by Cherubimon, who changed the Digital World (Episode 3).

(Bakumon will now only give you good dreams… still pretty creepy…)

Bokomon apologises for hurting them.

Tommy’s troubles may be over, but Kouji is still finding it hard to understand the instructions from his Digivice.

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