Anime: La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia – Episode 3 Summary + Review

“Vigilante picnic at a church..”

(No-one can compete with Pace when it come to food… but these guys are trying!)

Studio: J.C.Staff

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Reverse-Harem, Shoujo, Age: All ages

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

From the last episode, the group are celebrating the Piccolina festivel, which is supposed to be fun for kids. They tell stories, have a soccer tournament and eat a big lunch.

The fun is cut short when a heavy storm comes in. Debito, Pace and Luca take the kids home, while Felicita and Liberta clean up the church.

(Liberta expects a ghost to pop out during prayers)

They think all the kids have gone home safely, but Nova spots one that’s been quietly watching them. The kid’s name is Elmo, and he asks Felicita about a “strange feeling” that’s he’s been having.

(So your home is Sesame Street..? How far away is it?)

Elmo walks out into the storms and disappears. The episode ends with a cliffhanger.

Overall, it feels like nothing much happened this episode. The gang are too busy enjoying themselves and the random ghost-child didn’t lead up to anything. This feels like filler episodes, but why are they at the beginning of the season?

Rated – 0.5/5 Where is the tournament!!

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  1. They are taking too long bringing in the main action of the series.


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