Anime: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Mankind has Declined) – Episode 3 Summary + Review

“Manga will never die!”

(A steam-powered car in the snow?)

Studio: AIC A.S.T.A

Genre: Surreal, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Age: 13+

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

Continuing on from the last episode, The Mediator meets her old friend Y. Apparently known for being zany, Y hasn’t changed a bit. The Mediator gets worried at the schemes she’ll be dragged into.

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Y wants to show off her new car, as well a printer that she found in some old mansion. She will use the printer to find out what data was on some disks, also found inside the mansion.

(The most brazen thief in all the land, doesn’t even bother with a mask!)

It turns out that the disks had manga on them. Y starts off a manga craze, of the shounen-ai type. She sure knows her audience, and soon the entire country is hooked.

(Fangirl-to-Stan transformation: Stage 2)

When other competitors pop up, and she’s facing delivery troubles, Y decides to bring the readership to her instead.

A Manga Fair is held, which invites readers from across the country. It gets a big response.

(Playing Snake with actual people..)

They plan on giving away manga and seeing which one is the most popular. Y’s manga wins out, because she had more copies to sell.

(Y became such a diva, but the crowd loved it..)

The fans leave the Manga fair, happy and content in their manga-ness.

(Three days without a shower to carry heavy manga home..)

Inside, the three competitors promise to come back next year, because it was so much fun.

(The Three Mangateers!!)

The Mediator has been watching this, and knows about Y’s antics.

On her way to the the Mayor’s office, she finds an empty manga book, and while she’s looking at the blank pages, she’s sucked in!

Also in the book is Y…

The episode ends on a cliffhanger!

(Quick, draw a door!)

Overall, I thought this episode was very clever, very witty when it came to the manga sub-culture. Girls do get obsessed about manga, and the shounen-ai market is one of the most profitable markets out there.

It comes across as surreal when mankind is on the brink of extinction, that someone finds these manga again, and re-creates this audience base.

The only bad thing is the lack of fairies, but they might be in the background again..

Rated – 4/5 So fresh and silly, it makes other comedies look amateur.

See the next episode!

See the previous episode!

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