Anime: Digimon Frontier – Episode 8 Summary

“Just be yourself.”

(Bokomon’s feet could have been anywhere..)

Studio: Toei Animation

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Age: All ages

Released: April 1, 2001 – March 31, 2002

After being separated from the rest of the group, J.P, Zoe, Bokomon and Neemon are traveling through various fields, trying to find their way. They are eventually spotted by a Togemon trying to catch a little Tsunamon.

She’s also a school teacher, and this a great chance to see some cute Digimon kids, so naturally, they follow her..

(Zoe’s popular across human and digimon, so J.P didn’t stand a chance)

After acting as special guest teachers, with varying success, the gang line up for P.E.

They realise that Tsunamon was running away before because he wasn’t happy with his school mates. They don’t like him and won’t let him join in.

Some times they even use crocodile tears to get him into trouble..

(“I– I– I’m crying cause I don’t have feet, and this is soccer….”)

The cause of Tsunamon’s unpopularity is unknown until Zoe and J.P decide to find Tsunamon after another runaway attempt.

Zoe falls into the river, but before J.P can rescue her, Tsunamon digivolves into Gabumon to rescue her from the water!

(Didn’t find Excalibur, but found this girl. Now what?)

They find out that Tsunamon’s digivolving ability makes him seem older and more frighting to the rest of the digi-kids, so they stay away.

A storm blows in, and the school’s hut is in danger of being swept away. Although Zoe and J.P Spirit Evolve into Kazemon and Beetlemon, they can’t hold the water at bay.

(Togemon trying to push Neemon into the flood, while everyone turns a blind eye.. )

When one of the kids drops in the water, Tsunamon digivolves into Gabumon to rescue him from the flood.

(Gabumon’s next meal would be wet..)

His lifesaving ability makes him popular, and the kids are less afraid of him now.

As a thankyou, they give the digi-destined a boat that travels across the grass.

(A boat that travels on grass? Oh wait– this is a Digimon series..)

Eventually, J.P and Zoe come across Takuya, Kouji and Tommy, who’ve just been dropped off at the edge of the forest by the Toy-Agumon (previous episode).

Now that they’re all together, what’s in store for them?

See the next episode!

See the previous episode!

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