Book: Breaking Dawn (Twilight Series Book 4) Review

“Now everyone’s a vampire!”

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Genre: Romance, Vampire, Paranormal, Fantasy, Adventure, Age: YA+

Released: 24th May 2008 (UK version)

I remember when I had high hopes for Breaking Dawn. It was one of the few books that I actually looked forward to. This was to the extent that I actually gifted it to one my friends as a present… I wonder what I was thinking?

Breaking Dawn finishes the series right when it’s about to spill over with the tears of sobbing fangirls over poor Jacob and handsome Edward, and lucky, lucky Bella who now has Edward… forever..

Warning! This review contains spoilers for the Twilight Saga’s first, second and third book!




Usually when I hate a book with a passion, I change my mind a little over the second read. I can understand the book a little more, I have more patience with the characters, and there are no ugly surprises.

However Breaking Dawn remains one of those books that I look back on with disgust as to how this teen-y immature series sunk into a grungy depth, even after the second read.

The first part of the book begins with the usually bleating over Bella and Edward, and how their wedding is planned and how much detail is put into it. I can appreciate that Bella isn’t a girly-girl and has little-to-no interest in how she’s dressed up on her wedding day, however… that soon passes.

From being the everygirl (albeit wimpy) that teenagers can relate to, Bella slowly morphs into a narcissistic deluded whiny girl that isn’t afraid to use her looks… but it’s not a self-confident change. Rather, it’s after she’s been made-over by Alice, and is now more beautiful enough for other girls to sigh over with envy.

Later is the expensive honeymoon, which contains probably the most disturbing scene in the book.. or so you think..

Bella is now pregnant, with rapidly deteriorating health and a baby that lives off of human bloodwhilst still in the womb…

Then, right when everyone is trying to defend Bella from the Volturi’s visit, she gives birth and the baby bites her so she becomes a vampire. That birth was gruesome enough to deter any teen from having children. It was just… *shudder*

Jacob decides to imprint on Bella’s new baby, Renesmee…

I don’t see why the best character in the book is now a pedophile. Don’t explain it to me in the “older, caring brother” way, every reader could see 16 years into the future at that point.Yeah.

Whilst everyone manages to spoil the perfect baby, and Bella finally lets Charlie (her Dad) know that’s she abandoned the human world.

Literally abandoned, because she left without a word.

The Volturi finally  make it to Forks (they’ve been threatening this since New Moon ).  All of the vampires are gathered and they are ready to fight… and nothing happens!

Literally nothing!

Because Bella has a shielding power, so everyone on the opposing side decides to give up and go home!


Let me note that this book is over 760 pages long! That’s a long time to build up to NOTHING.

It’s not even a ‘happily ever after’ because I felt that the story should have continued to something more conclusive, but it just… stops.

I felt like the entire book was sickening to read, lead up to nothing, and ultimately left no positive message with the reader. Bella achieves her happiness by not being human! Being anti-social! Abandoning her single Dad who can’t even cook! Abandoning her friends! (Who are only there to occasionally there to hit on her anyway).

Overall, Breaking Dawn slowly destroys the hopes of every teen reader, before turning into something disturbing and ugly, and finally finishes off the book with the wimpiest battle I’ve ever seen.

Yes, even more wimpy, I’ll find out years later, than the third Hunger Games book.

Rated – 1/5 So insipid and vapid that not even teens will like this drivel. Meyer takes some of her best characters and distorts them beyond recognition.

Read the review for the previous book in the series!


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