Anime: Digimon Frontier – Episode 7 Summary

“It’s just so… lavender!”

(Kouji wants his turns with the toy robot!)

Studio: Toei Animation

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Age: All ages

Released: April 1, 2001 – March 31, 2002

From the last episode, Takuya, Tommy and Kouji fall down the mountain hole and land in a brightly coloured toy park. There seems no end to the fun and games here, even if Kouji think it’s too immature.

However, there’s a sinister underlining to all this..

(Takuya attempt’s to crawl away from Monzaemon’s break-dancing attack)

While the boys are figuring out where to go, Monzaemon, the large yellow teddy bear, comes up for a wrestling challenge. After “winning”, he kidnaps Tommy and takes him to Lavender Castle as a prisoner.

(Waru-Monzaemon watching Tommy cry.. that’s not weird..)

Tommy’s being held prisoner as the dark version of Monzaemon; Waru-Monzaemon. He’s happy to cause pain to others, so Tommy might be in real danger!

(Awww, wuk at da wittle panda!)

Takuya and Kouji launch an attack on Lavender Castle, but are shut out. As they fall into the moat, Pandamon saves them. He tells them that Shadow-toy-agumon have taken over the castle, and that they are out to destroy kids who won’t play with their old toys anymore.

(The Shadow-Toy-Agumon are diligent about their resolution to lose weight)

The Shadow-Toy-Agumon have a grand plan of going to the real world, where they will punish children for abandoning their toys.

(This waltz had impact to say the least)

Takuya and Kouji’s second rescue goes a little better, as Pandamon leads them into the castle through a back door.

However, the Shadow-Toy-Agumon arrange themselves into large fighting robots that seems impossible to beat… until their attacks are deflected at each other!

(Tommy plays games while Monzaemon chomps on his head..)

They find Tommy playing with Monzaemon after he had turned back to his good self. It turns out that he was only being bad because Cherubimon has put a spell on him, but Tommy figured out that all these toys needed was someone to play with.

To thank them, the Toy-Agumon drop them off at the edge of a forest. The boys have found their way, but J.P, Zoe and the little digimon are still lost.

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