TV: Sinbad – Episode 1 Summary + Review

“Is this Sinbad or Aladdin?”

(What do you mean I smile too much?)

Airing on: Sky

Genre: Adventure, Family, Action, Fantasy, Drama, Age: All ages

Released: 8th July 2012 – onwards

People might know that I’m into my Arabian culture and that I loved reading Sinbad’s adventures when I read the Arabian Nights. That’s one of the reasons that I looked forward to Sky’s adaptation of Sinbad.

So far, only one episode has been aired, but it’s already the start of a new adventure…

Warning! May contain spoilers!




Sinbad is a vagabond/thief in some Arabian city. He constantly fixes fights in the back allies with the help of his brother. This time though, he manages to kill the Vizier’s only nephew.

Sinbad is captured alongside his brother and held in the royal prison. The father of this important person is zealous with revenge, and kills Sindbad’s brother.

On escaping from the royal prison, Sinbad manages to make it back to his house, his grand-mother won’t accept him. Instead, she curses him so that he can’t set foot on land for a year.

The episode ends with Sinbad stowed aboard a ship, heading for a new adventure!

Overall, I thought the episode was okay.. If I hadn’t been adamant about the series then I wouldn’t be too bothered about missing this episode. Ultimately it just sets Sinbad up as the main character, and that’s all.

One thing that bothered me about this production, was that everyone has British accents. Fair enough, maybe accurate accents would have harder to understand, but Sinbad just sounds like he’s from London.

The acting is also stilted… or maybe the director tried too hard to make Sinbad seem like a lovable rascal; he grins way too much.. I felt at times he got misplaced with Aladdin.

I will continue to watch this, even if just to fill the drama-shaped hole in my life.

Rated 3.5/5 – Good character introductions, and exotic scenery makes this worthwhile. The first episode reveals nothing about the adventure, so unsure if it will follow in the steps of his voyages or be an original plot.

See the next episode!

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  1. Omegacurse

     /  August 12, 2012

    Still more accurate than Dreamwork’s adaptation, where its in a Greek setting and Sinbad is voiced by Brad Pitt


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