Anime: Kokoro Connect – Episode 1 Summary + Review

“Body-swapping hijinks”

(Wish someone would trade places with me when I’m washing dishes!)


Genre: School, Body-swapping, Comedy, Slice of Life, Age: All ages

Released: 6th July 2012 – onwards

Taichi, Iori, Himeko, Yoshifumi and Yui are all friends and part of the school Cultural Club. This anime is about them gradually body-swapping at random times, and swapping back.

(Yoshifumi denies being a perv last night: he was more SCARED!)

Yui and Yoshifumi experience the body-swapping one night but put it down as a nightmare. However, they are freaked out when they realise that not only was it real, but that no-one believes them.

(Inaba don’t play the fool. Talk straight Yoshifumi!)

Turning to the others in the Cultural Club, they get told off for pulling a prank.

(There’s no point in a fire extinguisher; the entire school’s made from cardboard!)

However, as as Iori leaves to get her book, she ends up swapping places with Taichi.

Taichi can’t believe this! This is his first time feeling a girl’s body.

He eventually comes to the conclusion that something weird is happening, when at the same time, his own body (now hosted by Iori) picks him up to take to the club room.

(Yeah… this is something to check in public..)

Back at the club room, Inaba had had enough of the pranks. She both tests them on something only they would know.

Just as they’ve passed that test, Taichi and Iori switch back!

(I give up! These swapping games are weird!)

More body swapping is promised in the next episode and the cause of it is still not known.

Overall, I though that this series was okay but it just doesn’t excel in any particular way. The jokes are tame, the character interactions are limited, and the cosy cast don’t want to notify any particular people i.e. parents? teachers? other friends???

Most of the episode takes place in the club room, which resembles a cardboard box!

I really wish the visuals and the gimmicks had been up to par. Comparing this with Tari Tari, it seems almost closed in. I hope that the cast and places are expanded a bit more, but so far it’s a weak flop.

Rated 1.5/5 Usually I like this gimmick, but it’s poorly executed. The next few episodes are critical as to how this plays out.

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