Book: Eclipse (Twilight Series Book 3) Review

“Bella + Edward + Jacob + Victoria = Eclipse”

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Genre: Romance, Vampire, Paranormal, Fantasy, Adventure, Age: YA+

Released: 7th November 2009 (UK version)

Eclipse is probably the most interesting book out of the entire Twilight Saga.

Warning! This review contains spoilers for the Twilight Saga’s first book and second book!




Victoria, the female vampire from the first book, wants revenge after Edward killed James trying to rescue Bella. She’s planning a vampire army in nearby Seattle that will come to Forks to distract and destroy the Cullen vampires while she comes after Bella. Essentially it’s filled with war preparations, and the inner struggles between the the Fork’s vampires and the La Push wolves.

The first half of the book is spent listening to Edward and Bella’s blather about their relationship, and how difficult it is. Bella’s trying to contact Jacob, who doesn’t to have anything to do with her.

She appears to have totally abandoned her human friends..?

The second half of the book is when both the vampires and werewolves realise that Victoria’s vampire army will destroy everyone in the area, because they are newborns and as yet unable to control how they feed. Carlise, Edward’s “dad”, sends for help from other vampires, but they won’t be able to arrive on time, and so the Cullen vampires make an uneasy alliance with the wolves.

Somehow, this alliance is just uncomfortable and deals more with love interests rather than the outcome of their lives

Although Bella runs away from action, A LOT, it didn’t slow doesn’t the pace of this book as much as in Twilight or New Moon. In fact, this time Meyer’s actually written something critical and interesting.

Yes, Bella is still infantile and unable to defend herself. Forget the stupid “cut myself with a rock to distract Victoria”, because that was lame and predictable.

She can’t fight..

Just can’t.

But Jacob’s tribe really project themselves well. Everything that the vampire lack; the humaneness, and courage, the wolves make up for.

Overall, I would say that this book is worth reading. The book projects characters well, and although, once again, Bella’s proven herself to be bad at relationships, whether romantic or platonic, at least the action is a grade higher.

Rated – 2/5 Interesting, though Bella’s too removed from fighting.

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