Anime: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate – Episode 1 Summary + Review

“If you wished you ate lots of sweets at school..”

(Every teenage boy’s fantasy come true..?)

Studio: AIC Build

Genre: Politics, School, Romance, Age: 13+

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

Yuuki Ooojima attends a rather prestigious school, and is part of the Food Research (*cough*Tasting*cough*) Club, spending his days eating sweets with a group of other members, mostly female.

(It’s dangerous to walk late at night, in icy conditions, with a car attempting to run you down)

The episode actually starts off with a stark note.

I wasn’t expecting the spy goods exchange, and then Kana, the girl above, getting run down by a car.

This happen very mysteriously, and the culprit isn’t caught, although it’s recorded onto a video camera, presumably for future episodes?

(Fart sweets? Well we are the food “Research” Club!)

The anime then begins anew, with bland Yuuki Oojima heading off to school with his childhood best friend that wriggled on top of him to wake him up.

After reaching the Food Research Club, they find a mess of candy on the floor that other members have made. We’re introduced to a bunch of new cast, most of them female who are jealous of big breasts, and one male who is the self-proclaimed “Yaoi teaser”.

(“I can’t see anything, the screen is too far away!”)

Meanwhile, in an overly grandeur student council meeting, the student council president is being done in for… something.

Okay, this part was so boring that I actually zoned out. I just couldn’t care less about finances in anime..

(The swag walk animation included four frames of breast bouncing.. )

Satsuki Shinome, the current financial person, proposes that a new student council should be chosen by election.

And… *yawn*… She’s the front-runner…

She plans on abolishing all school clubs that don’t win any merits for the school and waste too much money. That means the Food Research Club is at the forefront to be cut. Naturally, they don’t want to lose their hangout area..

(This is the same mask he uses to stalk victims at nighttime…)

This guy is the general council… someone..

Okay, gah! Couldn’t care less…

A twist is that Yuuki Oojima has started seeing weird appendages on people that others can’t see. Like the mask on the general council guy.

(Now the plan is to brush our teeth with sugar for a week!)

Anyways, after they realise their predicament, the Food Research Club puts their heads together and figure out that Yuuki could run for student president, and help them keep their club.

And that’s where the first episode ends, with presumably more sweet popping and wriggling for the next episode..

Overall, I just couldn’t get into this series.The male characters were bland, the girl characters were just derogatory and uninteresting. I’m not a fan of watching anime girls bounce their chests, and I couldn’t care less if they get their wasteful club disbanded or not.

As a self-respecting person, I refuse to watch guff like this when there are clearly much better shows this season!

Rated 0.5/5 Apart from a couple of cheap laughs, this show offers nothing. Don’t touch with a barge pole.

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